Little Librarian Pretend Play

Do your kids pretend play library at home? We’ve had a book store but when we discovered Little Librarian, we started playing library, too. The Little Librarian kit includes:
– 7 File Folders
– 15 Book Pockets
– 15 Book Cards
– 4 Library Cards
– 4 Reading Awards
– 6 Overdue slips
– 1 Reading Journal

My only complaint is that it could be bigger. We’d love to have more of everything!

Little Librarian

Here’s JJ as the librarian writing me an award!

   Little Librarian

File folders organize everything.

Little Librarian

Don’t forget your library card.

Little Librarian

Remember these? Due date slips.

Little Librarian

And a reading journal to keep track of what you read.

Little Librarian

Add on the fines you (or is that just me?) get for not returning 60 books on time and you can get some math practice, too.

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  • School Sparks Renee

    Really cute. Love the cards for checking out books! Renee

  • Lyka Ricks

    This is Nice! It makes the little ones to give more time in reading. It’s reading and playing at the same time.

  • PragmaticMom

    Oh, I love the Little Librarian. My middle daughter used it a lot. I added a date stamp and ink pad from Staples to make it more like the old school real deal. There are still books in her room that have the check out cards in them. LOVE that!

  • Lisa Marie Mary

    All I have to say is that this is really awesome!!!

  • YvonneJ

    What a great kit to share for upcoming Library Card Sign-Up Month in September.

  • Erik This Kid Reviews Books

    I HAVE to get this so I can start an actual library! :D

  • Danzel

    I’m so glad you posted this! I’ve been eyeing this kit for a couple of years now, but I’d never actually seen it “in action.” It looks like a lot of fun!