Book Rhymes with Nook (Enter to Win!)

You, my wonderful readers, go to the library with your kids. I know this. Now I’m wondering about your home libraries; so is Target. And Target wants to give one of you a . . . NOOK . . . and to tell you about the Target School Library Makeovers and Literacy Pilot program.

Nice, right? :)

School libraries need our help – badly. (Did you see this post about DC Schools cutting almost 50 librarians?!!)

Target is helping; renovating 32 school libraries with more books, new furniture, carpet, and shelves, and a full technology upgrade. In addition, each child in the school will receive seven new books for their home library.

In fact, why don’t we talk home libraries for a minute? What’s your home library situation?

As for me, I’m a scatter-the-children’s-books-around-the-house kind of gal. Here’s how I organize our books.

Living Room: Built-In Book Shelves

Basement: Free Standing Book Shelves

Bedroom: Wall Shelf

Bedroom: Plastic Tub

Bedroom: Shoe Shelf

Anyplace: Wooden Crates

How do you organize your kids’ books?

Do you have them in one central place or a little here and there?

Nook Sweepstakes

Comment with your home library system and you’ll be entered to win the prize package from Target worth $500 including
– a Nook
– 10 age-appropriate books
– 1 bookshelf
– 1 blanket
– 1 $50 Target Gift Card
– 1 “Fatboy” chair
leave your answer to the question (How do you organize your kids’ books? Do you have them in one central place or a little here and there?) by midnight EST Sunday, May 20, 2012.
By entering this sweepstakes, you agree to Imagination Soup’s official sweepstakes rules. No purchase necessary. Open to individuals in U.S. only, 18 years of age or older, void where prohibited. Winner chosen at random. Target sent me a $50 gift card to thank me for my participating in this giveaway.
P.S. Check out Target’s Before and After Library Makeover photos —


See a listing of all the schools getting library makeovers.
Connect with Target: Like Target on Facebook, follow Target’s Twitter account, or read Target’s online magazine, A Bullsey View.

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  1. says

    i keep the majority of the kids books in one of the boys bedrooms. I have them organized by category, since we homeschool, general, history, science, etc, and by subtypes. i also have a bookshelf in the living room to keep things in order and for the more commonly used books, and lately i’m buying as many as possible on ebook.

  2. Janette Navarro says

    We organize our son’s books mainly on shelves, but some of his favorites are stored in his little red wagon walker that he’s outgrown, and also into a plastic bin on the floor. They are pretty much all over the house, but started off all in his bedroom.

  3. Angela Deatherage says

    I have a Nook but I’d like to enter this for my sister. Anyway, I’m still very keen on collecting books and putting them on my shelf. It’s like making one of my dreams come true, having a mini-library of my own.

  4. Monica Young says

    Wow, Target did a great job! I give it a two thumbs up! I organize my kiddos books using a bookshelf that has 4 shelves. With three kiddos ages 14, 11 and 5 I have accumulated a few books over the years and I save them to pass down to my Nephew and Niece. We LOVE to read and we love books. I make sure the books get returned, I am very lucky that I taught all my children early on to put the books back on the book shelf. I do have one row for my 5 year old so she knows those are “her books” the rest of the shelves are fair game.

  5. says

    We organize our books with a little here and a little there. We have bookshelves in each of our bedrooms. We have books by each bed. We have bookshelves in our living room. We have bookshelves in our basement. We have a basket for library books in our family room. We have additional baskets in the toy room, bins in the garage and I randomly place books on the coffee tables to catch my daughters’ attention. Thanks for this opportunity. We do not have a NOOK but would love one!

  6. says

    Lots of inspiration from Target! I have been very impressed with them and their generosity for reading with children. In February we visited our local Target for the American Read’s program and loved that our favorite barista from Starbucks was reading a Dr. Seuss books! Applause to them!
    We are very much into reading into our home and are very greatful to have several libraries within miles. Our three year old son loves to visit for story time and to visit the computers for their online story books.
    We are lucky to have a little room in our house for our son’s playroom. He has a one large bookshelf for his books. I have been organizing his books into subjects to keep the selection new and fresh for him. The subjects may include animals, gardening, sleepy time/bedtime books, and favorites. The other books while not being in use are stored in plastic bins in the basement until he gets tired of the selection and then swtich them out again.
    He also has a night stand that we place his library books on. They are readily available for nap and bedtime and we also can keep track of where his library books are located. Keeps it easy on Momma.
    Thanks for this for a chance on this amazing giveaway !

  7. says

    I have a bookshelf in my living room where I keep the kids’ books, and I have a crate in the kids’ bedroom, in the closet actually where they keep some more. But quite often their books are piled up on the bedside table or on the beds or on the floor, because they like to take them to bed at night.

  8. says

    We have 2 three shelf bookshelves in the livingroom downstairs. The kids also have a shelf in the hallway outside their rooms. There are two more cases of adult books in my bedroom.

  9. says

    What a great giveaway! I’m the mother of a toddler, so our book setup will surely change with my daughter’s age, but for now the books are in four places:

    I keep a basket at the bedside with three relaxing reads/bedtime stories at a time.

    There’s a basket in my daughter’s room with several books she is familiar with – ones with a lot of repetition, few words, more pictures – the type she can “read” to herself even without knowing how to read. This is because her bedroom is a place she usually goes to be alone, not with an adult who can read to her.

    We have a basket near the sofa in the living room with a selection of books for reading together.

    The rest of the children’s books are stored in a closet. I regularly switch out those in the baskets with new, or not recently seen books from here to keep things interesting and maintain variety.

  10. annabelle says

    I have bookshelves in both kids’ bedrooms. I also have a reading hall (a dream come true) and I keep some books on those shelves, like the books that are my childhood favorites, the ones they are not yet old enough for, their books that are for homeschool purposes, and the ones that are our favorites to read together. I also have a spot on one shelf in the reading hall where we keep our library books from our weekly library visits so they don’t get mixed in with our own books. :)

  11. nadine says

    We have a small home so we have to improvise. We keep books from the local library in a coffee table in our living room. Each of my sons have a book “spot” which is just a box at this point in their bedroom. My daughter keeps her books in a cube organizer. Every year we “clean” our collection and donate books to make room for more.

  12. says

    We have one central location for childrens’ books, but we do have “book bins” in almost every room of the house, because we want our children to be able to pick them up anywhere. And they do!

  13. Tonia Valone says

    I need help organizing our home library! We currently have a bookshelf for each of our boys (ages 3 and 5) in their rooms. I got them each two plastic crates (free with rebate), turned them on their sides, and zip-tied them together. Now, we have more books than the crates can hold. Each boy has a library bag that they decorated to hold their library books. I hang them on their doorknob. We just started getting magazines for them. I keep them in a pile (more or less) on the entertainment stand in the living room. My husband hates clutter, so I need to keep things organized or he starts getting the urge to donate/toss things. Books are not clutter….. although I do find them everywhere (the bathrooms, the playroom, under couch cushions, the pantry, etc.).

  14. Jessica says

    Another reason to love Target!
    We have book shelves in every room, except for my bedroom. Since my room has the biggest bed that is where we usually end up for storytime. So, in that room we have cascading stacks of books on every table!

  15. says

    Next to BUYING books, organizing them into ways that encourage my nieces and nephews to pick them up and read is one of my favorite things to do! I have baskets in EVERY room of the house where I place books, often by themes corresponding with their insterests. For example, in the kitchen I have a basket of kids cookbooks because my 8 yr. old niece has developed a love of cooking. My nephew is into anything baseball related so I have basket with sports themed picture books and magazine/newpaper articles I cut and laminate in his guest room. It’s so fun to keep changing them out…and my nieces and nephews are always surprised when they find something new in the baskets!

  16. michelle says

    my sons books are mostly in a bookcase in his room – picture books on the top shelf and ‘classics’ like paddington, pooh, wind in the willows, the curious george collection, and a bunch of chapter books on the bottom. there is also a bin of old favorite board books there. then he has another bin of ‘early readers’ – books that he can read himself. then we have all of the ‘science-y’ books in our living room near his art table/desk area.

  17. Daisy says

    We have 7 bookshelves in our home. Each of the three kids has one in their rooms (organized by hardback or paperback then level). I have one in the kitchen that holds cookbooks and gardening books. There is one in the school room that holds our curricula and supplies (organized by subject and grade). Dad and I have one in our bedroom, with duplicates from when we were growing up (time to purge i guess). The last shelf is in the living room with magazines, library books, and straglers from the bedrooms.
    Why is is so hard to get rid of books??
    Thanks for having this giveaway. It makes me feel much better about the vastness of our collection as well.

  18. Lesa says

    WOW! I sure which my daughter’s school could get a Target library makeover….she goes to a small Lutheran school, and their budget doesn’t allow for a lot. The library consists of a few shelves in the school hallway! I think I have more book s at home for my daughter! I have a bookshelf, as well as overflow wicker basket and laundry baskets! :) In the basement store room we have another bookshelf with books for her to grow into. I LOVE books, and am currently a teacher who has become a sahm. I buy lots of books wherever I find them, i.e., thrift stores, garage sales, etc.

  19. CD says

    My daughter’s books are on shelves in her bedroom, in the hallway, in our “reading area” which has built in shelves, and in the family room. Yes, she has a TON of books!

  20. Aimee says

    Oh my!! Well, we have books in almost every room of the house. There are 4 bookcases in the living room. These house our schooly type books, our antique books and my good hardback books. There are 3 bookcases in the computer room for homeschooling books and reference books. Each child has a bookcase in their room that is filled. And in our bedroom closet, I have a file box filled to overflowing with books yet to be read. LOL

  21. Karen says

    Theoretically it would be nice to have books in one place like a library or nook but books need to be where you are in order to be read so there tends to be books in almost every room of the house.

  22. Amy McG says

    We have a large IKEA shelf with cubby holes that we use for all of our books. Of course, we find books everywhere… under couch cushions, in beds, under beds, kitchen table, in the car, etc. :)

  23. says

    We have a bookself in almost every room. When my kids were babies/toddlers I put all their board books in a big basket on the floor so they could crawl over to it and everything would be on their level – and not needing to be “in place”. They loved it and I didn’t have to constantly put their books back in place.

  24. Carolyn b says

    We gave a bookshelf in the kids play room and a basket in the living room for all the library books.

  25. june turner says

    Message* i have them truly any and everywhere. i never tire of reading and try to keep my children interested for true enjoyment with lots of topics. this is a task in itself with teenagers with so many other interests in their lives…

  26. Megan Di Giovanni says

    We organize my son’s books in his room with a bookshelf that he can reach. We also have books in our playroom area in baskets. I also keep books in the car and diaper bag. I want him to have access to books no matter where he is playing. He likes to take book breaks during the day.

  27. YvonneJ says

    Organize the books??? What a marvelous idea!!! Actually, I spent last weekend attempting to round up most of my children’s books and shelve them in our guest bedroom. I try (not very successfully) to only buy and keep books that I can’t check out from the library. I recently got an IPad and I love that a lot of my favorite children’s books are available as apps….so much easier to store but comes with its own organizational challenges.

    As far as organizing my “adult” books, here’s a link to my dream bedroom

  28. says

    We keep books scattered about the house. There is a dedicated shelf of children’s books in both the children’s bedroom and play room. Books end up on the desk in the kitchen, dining room table and coffee table in the living room all the time. We have side tables in the front hall. For my son’s birthday I went to the library and got books related to his pirate theme and displayed them there as decoration. Since then the library books are displayed there after our weekly trip. We also keep a few favorites in/on our nightstands. To top this off we have a closet in the dining room that houses books that can be traded out any time we get tired of what is out. Or if we think we’ve “out grown” a particular book we’ll put it there until we decide that it was in fact our very favorite book and must be pulled back out immediately.

  29. Michelle Anthony says

    We are definitely a books-all-over-the-house kind of family. Books in the bathroom, the kitchen, the basement…you name it, they’re there! :) But the reward is moments like this morning, when I saw my son’s light on. I went in to see him curled up under the covers, reading! :) I do organize the books when I can, but their constant use means they get disorganized…and I’m ok with that!:)

  30. says

    We have a bookshelf in the playroom that is stuffed FULL!! There are shelves in his bed that hold many more books and downstairs in the living room, a cabinet is dedicated to yet more books! So, a lot in one place and more scattered throughout the house. And, that is counting only our child’s books. Mine are in the library in 3 large floor to ceiling bookshelves and my husband has 2 more bookshelves with his books up in the media room. :) We LOVE reading.

  31. Nosy Rosy says

    A comfortable chair for two with a nice window seat with natural light. Lots of shelving with space to allow the covers to face outward for easy kids picks. Soft rugs & floor spaces for kiddos. What a dream! Thanks!

  32. Netta says

    I keep my grandson’s books and magazines in his bedroom and the family room (where we spend most of our time). We also have a few in the car. He loves books and has just recently been enjoying ebooks. I have noticed that he does not like to go through the books if they are on a shelf (can’t see the covers) so I always keep a rotating set cover out, leaning against the shelf or the book basket.

  33. Carrie says

    We have books everywhere in the house. Freestanding bookshelf in the eat in kitchen area, bookshelves in the “homeschool room”, bookshelves in her playroom, bookshelves in her bedroom and our bedroom, books in the bathrooms (all 3). We keep them anywhere and everywhere we can.

  34. says

    We have books all over the house. In cupboards in the living room and kitchen, in bookshelves in the bedrooms, and in baskets on the floor!

  35. says

    My kids keep their books in a bookcase in their bedrooms, as well as in their bedside tables. That’s the theory. In reality, they are commonly spread on the floor of their bedrooms, down the sides of the bed, on coffee tables in the lounge room, and on the kitchen table. In fact, I can see one right now on top of the dog crate. At least that shows they’re getting read, right?

  36. says

    My kids books are all on shelves in their room. I got two matching arm chairs (kid size, purple gingham) from Target when they were still babies. I put a large bookshelf in the corner and created a reading nook for them. Now when they want to read they can pull down their books and read on their own. Oh.. and I have a basket that has all their paperback style books.


  37. Heather Brandt says

    I organize books with tubs and boxes. We don’t have much shelving in our house right now so that is on my wish list…more shelves to better organize our books :)

  38. says

    We keep the books we own on a book shelf system in my office and another shelf in my daughter’s room. Books we’ve borrowed from the library stay on my desk, so that they don’t get mixed in with the crowd! My books? They are neatly organized ON MY NOOK! I absolutely love my Nook, and I know my daughter would love one, too!

    What a great give-away!

  39. says

    My children have 12 square bookcase inside their room. Most of which is filled with books. I organize them by types: Educational, hard covered picture books, soft cover picture books, easy readers, etc.

    I have another smaller bookcase in the kitchen with workbooks and their sketchbooks. My daughter loves to draw so she has a little mini bookcase next to her desk with all her favorite art inspired books.

    We also leave library books on a chair in the living room for easy night time reading access.

  40. Mary says

    We have our books on bookshelves in the playroom, bookshelves in their bedrooms and a basket of them in the living room.

  41. Jackie says

    The majority of my books are in my classroom to share with my students. I literally have thousands of them! As for my home library, they are organized by autographed copies, Caldecott and Newbery winners, and favorites from my childhood.

  42. jane Zupp says

    I have books here and there and everywhere, too.
    A book for me and a book for you.
    Some to cheer–
    some for fear–
    some to learn —
    some to help you earn–
    Some to make you smile
    Some to entertain and provide joy
    you my cute girl and her boy
    . . . . .

  43. Camille says

    I have two boys and three locations for books. Each son has his own bookcase and books in his room. The third location is a shelf where I keep books for when they’re older. Since putting their books on bookcases in their rooms, it has helped them to read more whenever…before bed, when their bored, when their curious, a reading urge strikes, etc. Thank you!

  44. Camille says

    I just remembered…I also have an attractive library basket (I bought at Target) where the boys can return library books to a central location in our home.

  45. Niamh says

    I store my son’s books in two rooms – in his bedroom on cude shelving interseprsed with his Lego creations & on a sling bookshelf at eh end of his bed & downstairs. In the basement we have built-in bookshelves so the rest are there. Works well. In addition, I keep a basket of books in the car on the floor by the back seat. I would so LOVE to win this prize . . . . fingers & toes crossed.

  46. Kristin says

    Each of my girls have a book shelf in their rooms, I have piles of books on my night stand, we also have a long bookshelf along our hallway and another kids bookshelf in our dining room :) I also pull out books for reading monthly based on the current season and or holiday.

  47. Erin says

    Wow! What a prize! I love seeing all of your kids’ books — I see a lot of Rainbow Magic in there and some other titles that I must check out. We have books everywhere as well — there are lots of bookshelves, a basket in the living room for library books, and a book display in the playroom where I keep seasonal books. There is, however, no Nook anywhere in our house. I would love to win!!

  48. Jill Hymer says

    The kids each have bookcases in their bedrooms. My daughter has a huge bookshelf that she organizes by series, paperbacks, easy reader picture books, Dr. Seuss books, etc. He bookshelf is actually a very large doll house with several “rooms”so it’s easy for her to organize these “cubbies” however she chooses. My son has a built in bookshelf (4 shelves) atteched to his bunkbed and there is really no organization to his. Both are packed with books. They also each have a basket next to the bookshelf where they keep library books (this way they don’t get mixed in and lost). This has been very helpful to keep library books from school library and public library separate from those books we own. In our play room I’ll keep more art/drawing books with all their drawing supplies. I keep mine on the shelf in my nightstand. We also have older books, ones that we’ve read but want to keep, coffee table books, etc. in our bookshelves in the family room.

    Every spring before school it out the kids go through their books and pull out any books they don’t want anymore. I keep the ones that memorable, and then they take them to their school for a book swap. For every book they turn in they get to get another book (all used). It’s a great way to recycle books and keep your book supply fresh without buying new books.

  49. Kathy says

    I also scatter books about the house for kids. I think it is important for kids to have access to books all the time. We have a great blue book shelf from Ikea in the kids room as well as book shelves in our living room and play area. There is always some picture books and poetry books on our (mom and dad’s) nightstand because you just never know when there will be a moment to curl up with the kids and share a book or poem.

  50. says

    We keep most of my daughter’s books in her room. She has a canvas bookshelf small enough so that she can take the books out by herself and put them back. More books on a higher bookshelf (books that she has lost interest in for now), some more in a cabinet and some more on the bottom shelf of what used to be her diaper changing station and now has become stuffed animals, shoe and book station (3 shelves). We keep some books in the living room as well, where we have her desk with all her art supplies, coloring books,etc. It is not the most organized system but it works. She is only 4 but she is starting to read so we keep the baby books which she can read to us, and then the age appropriate books that we read to her. We just keep running out of room for books though! We are thinking of adding a second bookshelf for her and put it in her play area!

  51. Valerie says

    We are supposed to organize our home books as well as our classrooms? Oops! I used to have picture books scattered around – big piles beside beds, smaller ones near the couch. Now that my kids are older we all have our own piles around – the shelves are full, so we have more stacked in front of, on the coffee table, the pile by the door for going to and from the library. My daughter is more of a reluctant reader so I sneak books that might catch her eye near her bed, the computer, and in the car. Organized we’re not, but there’s always something to read nearby.

  52. says

    Our books are all over as well! Each bedroom has makeshift book storage, along with several wall bookcases in the study/playroom. I think it’s important to keep books down low so kids can just grab them without much effort – they’re much more likely to read that way, seems like!

  53. jen says

    We have books in every room in the house. There’s a bookcase in the twins’ room in addition to baskets holding the overflow. We also have baskets for board books, library books, and other books all throughout the house. It’s a bit insane actually but my kids love books!

  54. says

    We are HUGE readers so we have books everywhere. There is a book shelf in the playroom and the kids bedroom. We have a basket for books in the living room and my room, and of course even one for daddy in the bathroom.

  55. DEBIJOT says

    Each child has their own bookcase in their rooms. There is also a dedicated shelf in the den for books that the children haven’t finished reading yet. Also books may be scattered throughtout the rest of the house, which I don’t mind, as long as they enjoy reading so much.

  56. Julie says

    I have the kids books placed throughout the house. Each child has a “cubby” in the playroom with current favorites, seasonal books or books I pick to place there that I am hoping will spark their interest. Our two year old also has a basket on the floor so he can see them easier. The kids also have a canvas shelf in their bedroom which holds the books with the cover facing out. They then have a small wall shelf by their beds for nighttime reading. I have a few large bookshelves in the hallway that hold books I want to use in the future or books that I will use to switch out the books in their cubbies and bedroom shelves. I try to do this at least seasonally if not more often when they (or myself) get bored with what is on the shelves.
    I also like to leave books on the dining room table, coffee table or even the bathroom that are books I want them to try out. My 8 year old (my only reader so far) will often get really into books that he normally would not have tried on his own because he just picked up what was lying around when he got bored.

  57. Cathy says

    There is a bookshelf in each child’s room for their books and both are stuffed to overflowing. Books also stay bedside and scattered throughout the house.

  58. Jill says

    We have bookshelves with books in practically every room in the house. I try to keep them somewhat organized, but it seems like we still end up with stacks of books everywhere :)

  59. Kara says

    I scatter my children’s books all over the house in their own specifically labeled shelves, even scattered they are organized. Because I believe it is important for them to read and when there are books everywhere and always available the bigger the chance of them picking one up and reading it! A nook would both allow them to read whatever book they’d want without having to go digging for it and help get them adapted to our rapidly growing technological world! :) “Life-transforming ideas have always come to me through books.” – Bell Hooks

  60. says

    Wow what a cool library. Target organize and home stuff is great. Each of my girls has a book shelf in their room with their age-appropriate books. We keep the Harry Potter set in my bedroom so we can all read it together as a family. Other books are stored in our family library in our family room.

  61. Lisa says

    Being a former teacher, I have tons of books for my kids! It is a good problem to have, when we are done we pass them down to the cousins. I have books in each child’s room on their own bookshelves with their favorites. I also keep library books separate in a basket in the office- which is near our front door so convenient for returns. Mainly I have kept the books in the kids’ playroom. I had one of those tiered shelves that teachers use where books sit with their covers facing out. When they were very little this was perfect for them to see and grab books to read. I would change them out by holiday and season (former teacher in me). Now that they are in 3, 5, & 6th grade- I keep their favorite chapter books on display or books that correspond to their curriculum or topics they are learning in school. I also keep books I pick up from our family vacations about the places we visited or historic people. We have books on the presidents from our trip to Mt. Rushmore and the cowboys of the wild west from our trip to South Dakota.

  62. says

    Our books, like so many others, are a bit of all over. There are shelves in both the kids’ bedrooms, shelves in the living room, shelves in the family room, a basket for “current favorites,” a library shelf, and a bag of rotating books in the car. :) As long as we can move without tripping, I’m a fan of books anywhere they encourage reading.

  63. says

    We have our books all over the place! They used to be all in a little rolling drawer under the boys’ bunk beds, but since we’ve moved we just haven’t gotten them all back together again!

  64. says

    I didn’t really think we had a system, but then I look around and I guess we do (somewhat). Each of my daughters has a tall bookshelf as a prominent piece of furniture in their room. My youngest spends a lot of time playing school right next to the bookshelf so she has easy access to books. I sit on the floor in front of her as she sits on her big comfy teacher chair (with her easel right next to her). In my bedroom, I store books in my end table. I don’t think it’s ideal as I usually have 2 – 3 (or more) books laying on top and the rest jammed in the drawers. I do have a larger bookshelf for the books that are mine or my wife’s. That book shelf is in our upstairs study / computer room. Finally, my wife has her cookbooks in the kitchen on a nice corner bookshelf – it’s overflowing with a stack of books on top – it’s sure to topple over one of these days. In our dining room she has an organization cubby type thing with additional cookbooks, cooking / baking magazines, etc. I’d love to have things a little more organized, but I guess we all have pretty good access to our books :)


  65. says

    We have books in every room of the house, but my five-year-old’s books are mostly in his room and near the couch in the living room.

  66. says

    We have one main bookshelf in the living room that the bottom three shelves are entirely dedicated to the kiddos picture and chapter books. Beyond that both kiddos have a place in each other their rooms dedicated to reading. Their own little reading nooks. :)

    Fantastic giveaway! And wonderful post! So nice to hear what they’re doing for libraries in need.

  67. says

    We have books all over the place! Picture books (and some of mommy’s and daddy’s too) line our fireplace. They are on the night stands, the bookshelves, and they even line the stairs for easy access at dinnertime!

  68. Megan says

    We definitely scatter the book collection in our house. We have bookshelves in the play area and bedrooms, books packed away for rotation, favorite books stacked on nightstands (or snuck under the covers!) and baskets/bins in just about every other room.

  69. Ann Turner says

    i have books the computer room ( nice and organized on shelves) the playroom ( in bins, can’t find the one you want when you want it).. in the bathroom ( for those times when it is hard to keep a little one still).. and in the den on the hearth. Love Love Love Books!

  70. says

    We have a bookshelf in the living room that is overflowing with books. I have a small bookshelf in my daughters room and then I have boxes of books in our garage since we don’t have the room to bring them in. Man would I would to have a central place for all of our books.

  71. says

    We have a book shelf system in every room of the house. The kids have these plastic cubes from The Container Store, my son has corrugated metal lockers from The Container Store, and the TV room is a wall of kids’ books from Pottery Barn Kids. There are display shelves in the playroom, and custom lacquered bookcases in the living room. The master bedroom has a built in and even the kitchen has a wall of books for cooking.

  72. Andrea Gardner says

    We have so many books! I used to teach preschool and now I homeschool and books are a family addiction. We love them and adore looking for new ones. Each bedroom has books and the stairway has wall shelves with our nice hardcovers on them for all to admire and sometimes borrow :) I have them all organized by category and/or author (mythology, crime, ocean, springtime, holidays, bears, Dr Suess, Sesame Street, Steven King, Mo Willams, Jan Brett, etc, etc, etc) All the board books are in baskets for easy access for my baby and any visiting babies :)

  73. Michelle Nero says

    Books are all over the house with my two year old twins constantly moving them around. We’ve got books on a bookshelf and several baskets in their playroom, but the books never seem to stay on the shelf. There’s a basket of books, usually the library books, in the kitchen/dining room. There are more books in their bedroom on a book rail that their daddy built. Books in the living room. Books on the floor. Books in the bathroom and oh so more!

    Would love the opportunity to win!!!

  74. Victoria says

    My boys have a tall bookcase in their bedroom, and another bookcase in their playroom. But we don’t make too much of an effort to contain their books. They’re always all over the house! Oh, and the car. We keep a canvas tote of books in the car, too.

  75. says

    We have an insane amount of books – we love them. Our ceilings are rather tall so my husband has built wrap-around shelves about 18-24″ below the ceiling in both kids’ bedrooms. He also built a large bookshelf that looks built-in now in the office/daughter’s bedroom for me. I also converted one closet space into a bookshelf for the books I access less frequently. It’s an addiction…
    Must. Have. Books.

  76. Hallie says

    Wow…I need to sit down and read all these great comments! Like many, I’m a “book scatterer” with bookshelves for each kid and baskets in other living areas. This post was good for me, though, because I think I could “scatter” more and also go look for more bookshelves instead of waiting for those that we have planned to build in. I’ve kept too man books in boxes and could be “withholding” when unnecessary. Thanks for this inspiration!

  77. Jill says

    In our house it is pretty much where don’t we have books. My daughter’s books are on a low wide shelf in her room, in a small rack in my bedroom (all the better for snuggling and reading when she gets up a little early), in cabinets in our living room (an especially great place for over-sized books and big thick volumes), in shelves and cabinets in our family room, and in bins in our dining room. We also use her small Radio Flyer walker wagon for library books so that they are easier to keep track of – it is now called the Library Wagon – plus you can roll it over to the big comfy chair and have an assortment at your fingertips. Of course there are always a few on the counter, on the table, and next to her bed too. As vices go I’m feeling pretty good about our books 😉

  78. susan says

    We have them everywhere! In the living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and in the car. I think we even have some in the garage. Plus our little one’s library has been transferred to all of the grandma’s houses! We are so lucky to have an array of stories for our little one and we are thankful for every last one of those hand-me-down books!

  79. Michelle says

    I organize my sons books by season. We bring out the winter books when it starts to get cool outside, books about planting gardens and baby animals in the spring. We also have a shelf dedicated to Golden Books that are always available to him. Books have been part of our daily routine since he was an infant. And now at the age of 5, my child reads at a 2nd grade level. We are currently reading Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein and his favorite poem to recite is “Its Dark in Here’. I am grateful that my mother passed down to me a love of reading so that I could pass it to my child as well.

  80. says

    We are a books EVERYWHERE kind of house! I actually want to set up a reading space in the girls room with bean bag chairs & a larger book case to invite more reading time. :) It’s on my To Do List!

  81. says

    Our girls have books in their rooms (which they organize by themselves). My son, well, he’s a tornado and has them scattered throughout the house. And then we have additional books on a shelf in the basement (near our family room). There are always books around within reach!

  82. Anne says

    I have a book sling next to their beds. A book shelf in each bedroom. A basket with libaray books in the living room. A bookshelf in the den and a basket for science books we are reading. I also put up a gutter in the garage and they have books out there when they want to take a break from playing outside. Many more boxes in their closets from older sister. I also rotate books a lot .

  83. Susanna Joyg says

    We have a small house, so we put them where we can fit then, unfortunately… I wish there was more method to that madness. :) The kids all have shelves and book baskets in their rooms, and we have a small selection of our grown up book available in a shelf in our living room. The rest are in storage. It’s less clutter, definitely, but I miss them. Books are so comforting…

  84. says

    There are books in every room of our house! By the TV, on the piano, in a basket in the bathroom, all the bedrooms and even in the laundry room there is a basket I keep books that need to be returned to the library. Oh and of course I have a book in my car for those times I’m stuck in a line or have a few extra moments at the coffee shop. Rarely do I ever keep a book actually on a shelf but in my office I do have my inspirational books and some design and idea books actually where they “belong”.

  85. says

    Most of my son’s books are in one place which is in his room. I put it in an open big Sterilite plastic basket where he can easily have access to them. Some of his book, which are his favorite ones are also on both sides of his Step 2 table. Me, on the end have my own little bookcase in my bedroom for some of my old books, where I can enjoy reading them before I go to sleep.

  86. says

    Bookshelves are a priority in every room in our house, from our homeschool classroom space (they are in three separate areas down there), every bedroom, the den, the kitchen, the office and music studio space. We also keep a lot of books in the car, just for running around town. The kids will bring their novels in the car, but I also keep it stocked with fun books on physics, history, math, or other interesting non-fiction titles (usually related to whatever we’re studying in homeschool). When we take a long car trip, we load the car with a giant crate of books. The kids get to pack it.

  87. Christine says

    We have a bookcase of mostly non-fiction, organized by topic in the schoolroom, and the kids each have a bookcase in their own rooms that is kind of organized by size.

  88. says

    I LOVE to reasd with my children and yes we visit the library weekly. We organize the kids books on theit book shelf and we leave the library books out for easy access for the kids to grab an read.

  89. says

    We have 2 bookshelves for kid’s books. One is for chapter books, and the other is for our picture books. The picture books also have a separate box for early readers, so that they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Of course my books have 3 bookshelves of their own 😉

  90. Tabathia B says

    I have books all over the place. On my daughters small table, in three different bookcases, some in totes and some in boxes
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  91. AmandaXC says

    We have a large bookcase in the kids’ room that we made to accommodate most of their books. We also have a bookcase in the dining room for non-fiction books that we use a lot. Lastly, there is another bookcase in the office that has the rest.

  92. AMD says

    On 2nd floor landing we have 4 plastic bins (from Target actually) full of books. Easy access from all the bedrooms for nighttime reading! We find bins are easier to flip thru than shelves.

  93. Megan says

    All our books are in one huge IKEA Expedit shelf unit in our dining room (except for a handful of current reads beside each of our beds). The bottom two rows are children’s books, which I have alphabetized by author’s last name; I used paint stirring sticks I got for free, painted them white and stuck vinyl letters on to use as dividers. It’s simple and makes things easy to locate.

  94. Amanda H says

    What an awesome giveaway! Books – we seem to be an everywhere type of family. We do have them separated by age group. So the baby has board books in the living room and our bedroom. My dd has them in the office and her room. My older son has them in his room, the office and his bathroom. Then we have a spot just for library books so we can keep track. Our books are in the office or on our nightstands. Whew – we have them everywhere.

  95. says

    I fear our books organize themselves throughout our home. Built-in bookshelves, freestanding bookshelves, baskets, tubs under beds, underbed drawers. But they are well-loved and I’m okay with that!

  96. Gerri Bolen says

    I have several bookshelves throughout the house so books are available in most rooms the children are in and we read alot in our home

  97. says

    We don’t have quite the kid’s book collection you have yet, so they all reside in my little one’s room. Some on her own freestanding butterfly bookshelf unit, some in a closet shelf that only mommy and daddy can reach and some higher up on wall shelves in her room. The higher up places are for books she might destroy or books we’re collecting for when she’s a bit older and doesn’t need pictures anymore. :-)

  98. megan says

    Ikea spice racks hung on the wall (similar effect to Jim trelease rain gutter shelves). A giant wall of bookcases in our playroom. A bookcase in each bedroom. Stacks of books by my bed, on the kitchen table, by the couch. Books in the back of the car. Books everywhere!

  99. Diane O says

    There are bookcases in all of the bedrooms and in the family room. There also book in the living room on the end tables,.

  100. Christen says

    MY kids all have bookshelves in their rooms, and a basket of their faves in the living room. Thank goodness I have readers!!! :)

  101. says

    My daughter’s books are on a bookshelf. Her absolute favorites of when she was younger are stored for when I become a grandma.

  102. says

    Our books are throughout the house. My husband’s and my books are on shelves taking up much of the available wall space in the living room, with a few shelves dedicated to excess children’s books. Each child has his or her own bookshelf, and in my oldest’s case, that includes a spare shelf along the wall over her bunk bed for easy access while in bed.

    We also have plans to fill in the hallway nook with bookshelves, just a matter of getting them built. It’s a space probably meant for a desk, but a bookshelf will do quite well there too.

  103. says

    I am a collector of Little Golden Books. I have been collecting them for over 10 years. They have their own book cases all over my house. I even have an old wooden sign on top of them that I got off ebay one day that says “Little Golden Books 25 cents.”
    Besides that collection, we have bookshelves in our bedrooms, living room and den. Never enough space for all the books.

  104. Maria Gianferrari says

    We have books everywhere too. Our study has floor to ceiling bookshelves that are crammed full of books, as well as bookshelves in the master bedroom, one in the kitchen, and a two large bookshelves in our daughter’s room.

    I make good use of baskets too. Our daughter has a large rectangular basket under her desk reserved for library books (so we can keep track of them). Fiction, Nonfiction and poetry picture books, as well as novels. I also leave a basket of books on the living room coffee table, and on the kitchen table.

    Too many books; too little time!


  105. Kip says

    We have so many books! My dad has been reading books to me every night for 6 years and 6 months (when I was born and maybe a few before). We definitely have our favorites (Iggy Peck, Pete and Pickles, Good Night Gorilla…) and our collection seems to grow every time one of my favorite mom’s come by. We enlarged our shelving situation in the last few months thanks to a new store in our town. We now have living room and bedroom shelves with our books (my mom is a really good organizer). All of our books start in the living room and gradually migrate to the bedroom as we read a few every night. The most exciting recent news about our book collection…I HAVE STARTED READING TO MY DAD!

  106. MJ Moore says

    My daughter has a huge bookcase that doubles as her headboard- almost all her books are right there when we read together at bedtime. Although a lot of her books end up in the car… But don’t even ask about my own books, they’re stored in three different houses 😛

  107. Maria says

    We have bookshelves in every room of the house, except one bathroom, they are all freestanding. We also have a bin for library books to stay separate so we know where they are when the dreaded return date comes. When the boys were younger, there was a booksling that I sewed for the crib so there was something to read, even when they were in “crib-prison/naptime.” I think the more books are in plain sight, the easier it is for my 2 boys (under the age of 4) to pick it up and hand it to me to read.

  108. Gloria says

    As I thought about my answer to this question I quickly realized that I have books in every room of our home. That pleases me greatly. We have two book shelves in the basement family area -one with kids book and one with childrens books. Our main livingroom has a small bookshelf. My oldest boy has a large bookshelf in his room and books on his nightstand shelf too. My younger son had a storage bed with one whole cubby filled with books also. My bedroom has a few books neatly stacked next to my bed. Cookbooks in the kitchen and even our bathrooms have a book or two mixed in with some magazines! As for organizing them? Well, let’s just say that our favorites are upfront and center 😉

  109. says

    On the standing bookshelf in my daughter’s room, on the built-in bookshelves in our living room, on the standing bookshelf in our living room, on the standing bookshelf in our dining room, on the coffee table, under my daughter’s loft, on my night table, in my husband’s “man room”, out in the garage in a storage bin, old favorites packed away in boxes still at my parents’ house, and…whoops! Under the couch, too!

  110. Erin says

    We have books in every room in the house. Library books and favorites of the week stay in the living room under the end tables. Bedtime stories are by the nightstand. Basket in the bathroom with magazines and at least one book for each member of the family. We have four bookshelves which in general are organized like this: board books on the bottom shelf, then picture books and early readers, then story or poetry collections and young adult books and adult books on the higher shelves. For the kids room I love cubby shelves since it is easier for them to manage getting books back on the shelf if they are in smaller batches.

  111. Melissa says

    We have several bookshelves all over the house- in the playroom I have several thin shelves with a lip that allows us to store the books forward-facing which, I think, helps the kids choose which book they’d like to read, in the family room we have them stacked on the coffee table and on regular shelves, and in bedrooms they’re either stacked on nightstands or next to the crib.

  112. angie says

    We love books in our home! Nearly every room has its own library that I attempt to organize based on the location. For example, in my toddler’s room, the library is filled with board books, flap books, and pop-up books. My pre-schooler’s library is filled with seasonal books as well as early reader books. The den’s library contains books of high interest. You get the idea. It’s so fun to watch my girls visit different libraries based on their interests for the moment.

  113. says

    My daughters each have a book shelf in their rooms, As the books get to easy for my 7 year old, we rotate them down to my 4 year old daughter’s bookshelf. The 7 year old also enjoys reading to the her younger sister, who can often be found in her room “reading” to herself. I also have books loaded on my iPad and iPhone. When we go out, the girls will read whatever is on the iPad. Books can also be found in all rooms of the house. Both my girls LOVE to read, and I enjoy watching their love of reading grow!

  114. says

    Our books are “organized” pretty randomly throughout the house, unfortunately! I started with good intentions (like authors or subjects together neatly on the shelves), but we’ve outgrown the shelves, so books have to pretty much be fitted in where ever space can be make. Still, it makes browsing fun and I love to run across things I’ve forgotten we have!

  115. Tara says

    We have so many books. Currently we have a large child-friendly book shelf in the living room and a huge plastic tub filled with books shoved under the bed. I really want to do some rain gutter bookshelves this summer so that I can get rid of the under the bed storage.

  116. Sadie says

    I have a few bookshelves from garage sales that hold my kids books. One in their room for bedtime and one downstairs for reading during play time.

  117. says

    You are so much more organized than we are. I’m afraid that our kids books are scattered here and there. Some are on shelves, most are in boxes. They are most certainly all over the house!

  118. Sarah says

    I am the director at an elementary Learning Resource Center. Every day I look for ways to get more books into our students’ hands. So many of them have no books in their homes. At our house, we have bookshelves that were built just for my kids by a family friend full of books upstairs and downstairs.

  119. Sarah Cary says

    We have bookshelves all over the house! We all have an avid loved for reading but my favorite bookshelf is in our game room filled with all the timeless classics from The Grapes of Wrath to The Great Gatsby to The Harry Potter series!

  120. Robin Alfonso says

    I organize books in bookshelves. Age appropriate in their individual bedrooms. Nature and reference in the family room. Fun and crafty in the craft bookshelf in the spare room. We love books.

  121. says

    I have bookcases filled with shelves of books. The rest of the story, however, is that the books that are being read or re-read tend to cluster through the house. Wherever reading can possibly take place, there are books, magazines, laptops, iPads, and iPhones to read or listen to.

  122. Mandy says

    We have one shelving system dedicated entirely to children’s books. I think of that as our book “home,” but am happy to say that books end up all over our house. In the living room, we have Ikea spice racks to hold books face-out and a basket on the floor for board books. The kids’ bedroom has a tub for books and books-on-tape, and our grown-up books live on a shelf in the office.

  123. says

    We have large bookshelves in the living room for shared family books (text books, medical books, a set of classic literature, etc.), and the kids have crates and book shelves in their rooms to accommodate their books. (Which often overflow into piles, etc as they are big readers. My youngest LOVES the library book sales because she can take her small allowance and buy a LOT of books and squirrel them away in her room!)

  124. says

    The books I read to my grandson (soon to be son) are in a couple of places. I have a bookcase for him in the toy corner of the family room, I have his fav. books on a shelf next to my bed and a book or two in the bathroom (to read during bath time).
    He loves to be read to, morning, noon and night!

  125. KimQuinn says

    I organize my daughter’s reading books in her room in bins on her bookshelf. I categorize the bins in general terms. Books about animals. Books about life back in the day (we say Olden Day Books), Fanciful books etc. This makes it easy for her to grab what she wants although her favorite books are on the nightstand.

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