Animals Writing Prompt Activity for Kids

Animals Writing Prompt Activity for Kids

by Dori Butler, author of The Buddy Files.

One of the best things about being an author of children’s books is I get to travel all around the country and visit schools and libraries and talk about writing. No matter where I go, there’s one question that someone almost always asks: what’s your favorite book that you wrote?

It used to be I would say, “That’s like asking me to choose which of my children is my favorite. Both of my children are special to me for different reasons. And all of my books are special to me for different reasons, too.”

My Favorite Books

But that was before The Buddy Files.

The Buddy Files is a series of books for beginning chapter book readers about a school therapy dog who solves mysteries. THESE are my favorite books that I’ve written.


Because they’re written from a dog’s point of view. I love writing from a dog’s point of view.

Animals Writing Prompt Activity for Kids

That can be a good exercise for kids, too, to try and view the world from an animal’s point of view rather than their own.

Writing Prompt Activity for Kids

Here’s a writing activity I sometimes use with kids when I teach writing workshops:

1)  Choose your favorite animal

2)  Make a list of things this animal can do better at than humans.

3)  Now make a list of things humans can do that this animal CAN’T do. What might your animal do instead? For example: a dog can’t open a door. He might solve that problem by barking until someone comes and opens the door.

4)  Write a story about your animal and make the animal the main character. Use examples from each of your lists.

5)  Share your story with a parent, teacher or friend. Discuss how your story would be different if the main character was a human instead of an animal.

Bio: Dori Butler’s written 25 picture books and novels for children and ghostwritten 10 Sweet Valley Twins and Boxcar Children books. The Buddy Files: Case of the Lose Boy won the 2011 Edgar® Award for best juvenile mystery published in 2010. She lives in Coralville, Iowa with her husband, son, and assorted pets. Catch up with Dori on her blog, A Day in the Life of a Children’s Book Author and her Dog.

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  1. says

    We are a homeschool family that LOVES spending time reading together. We also participate with our therapy dogs in TDI’s Tail Wagging Tutors program that allows children to read to the dogs at schools and libraries. This series would be such an asset to our collection!!!!

  2. Michelle says

    Wow! These look great! I love that it is written from the dog’s perspective. My all time favorite animal books? I love Stellaluna and Verdi by Janell Cannon. Thanks for sharing this series!

  3. Suzanne says

    One of the nice things about using animals as a character is kids and adults alike can attribute motives, see them work and struggle to name a few bits. It’s a type of bibliotherapy that is safe.
    I just finished an adult book where a dog trainer learned to handle life issues by looking outside her life at what she saw more simply in the dog’s world. It’s powerful.

  4. Kathy Davis says

    I teach a home bound autistic boy. He has a therapy dog who is just going through the training. I am anxious to see how Sasha improves the quality of his life.

  5. april yedinak says

    My favorite animal story is about my childhood pets. We had 2 dogs a mixed breed and a maltese. They were both the sweetest and most loving and when I was suffering with my typical teenage angst, they would stick right to me and when I would cry, my mixed breed would cry, too. They were great friends and I miss them everyday.

  6. Candie L says

    We got a new puppy yesterday. Today he got off his leash and it took 10 minutes for my son and I catch him as he ran through the neighborhood. THank you

  7. says

    We have four Beta Fish and they can be funny at times. Raiko is a beautiful light purple Beta. He seems skiddish at times especially due to the fact that his bowl is right next to our Beta named Sky.

    Thanks gahome2mom/gmail/com


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