Fun Ways to Learn the Days of the Week

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We’re still working on learning the days of the week around here. How about you?

Our days of the week socks are a huge help! At night before bed, JJ sets out the next day’s socks. Plus, we read Chickens to the Rescue every . . . single . . . night. It is great – but every day?  :)

Here are some of our days of the week ideas and suggestions for learning and fun!

Days of the Week Favorite Books

Chickens to the Rescue

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

*Add in a Spanish component by learning the days of the week in Spanish. Read the picture books and substitute in the Spanish words for the days.


Monday = el lunes

Tuesday = el martes

Wednesday – el miércoles

Thursday – el jueves

Friday – el viernes

Saturday – el sábado

Sunday – el domingo

Days of the Week Socks  and Underwear

Moret Socks at Sears

Xhilaration Socks for Girls

Gap Days of the Week Underwear for Boys

Days of the Week Songs

Barney’s “There Are Seven Days

Kids TV123 “Days of the Week

Learning Games for Kids “Days of the Week”

Days of the Week Organizers

Days-of-the-week Hanging Organizer from Lillian Vernon

Kangaroo Joey & Jane Days of the Week Organizers

Learning Resources Calendar and Weather Pocket Chart

Days of the Week Writing Activities

Write your own Days of the Week Story

Make a Flip Flap Days of the Week Story


The Best Kids’ Cookbooks

The Rights of the Reader (you and your child)

$50 at the Slimy Bookworm Giveaway

  • silly eagle books

    We have the days of the weeks underwear for girls–found them at Target. :) My daughter thinks they are great fun.

  • Janelle

    My mom used to have days of the week dishtowels. I love the socks. Speaking of books, I also like Cookie’s Week.

  • Laurie

    Yes, Cookie’s Week is a must-have!

  • Robin

    Singing about the days also is a favorite of my students. My personal favorite is “7 Days of the Week” sung to the tune of Clementine. I often hear them singing softly to themselves when they are completing calendar work.

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