Impressive New Tech Toy for 2016: Code-a-Pillar

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Code-a-Pillar Think & Learn
is an impressive new (2016) STEM learning toy for preschoolers. In fact, after reviewing it, Code-a-Pillar now tops of my list for educational holiday gifts for preschoolers and older. (Ages 3 – 8)

Impressive New Tech Toy for 2016: Code-a-Pillar

Each segment of the Code-a-Pillar is a mini program for how the toy will move, straight, turn right, turn left, with a bonus sound segment in purple.

Impressive New Tech Toy for 2016: Code-a-Pillar

Connect the segments easily by plugging them into each other. Put them in different orders to make the Code-a-Pillar do unique programs. Each new arrangement will have your Code-a-Pillar going distinct directions at different moments, depending on the order of code. 

The Code-a-Pillar also comes with a green start circle and red end circle. Use these to try to get from the start to finish only using your coding abilities –and trial and error, of course.

Impressive New Tech Toy for 2016: Code-a-Pillar

This toys builds a child’s knowledge about the foundation of coding: knowing that mini programs like turning left or going straight can combine into a larger program that does something. (If you’re familiar with Scratch, it’s just like that free programming site but hands-on and for younger kids.)

Impressive New Tech Toy for 2016: Code-a-Pillar

What my kids loved about this tech toy (and they are WAY older then the target demographic of preschoolers) is how much FUN it was.

We think it’s an engaging, cool toy that kids will want to play with again and again.

Since it’s also STEM skill building, develops problem solving, and is open-ended, it’s a learning toy that I fully endorse. It would be a great gift for the 2016 holiday season.

Go to my STEM Gift Guide for more STEM toys like this one.

Impressive New Tech Toy for 2016: Code-a-Pillar

I’m not often impressed by electronic toys but I really am with this one.

holiday gift guide 2016 tech toy that teaches kids to code: code-a-pillar

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  1. How does it travel on carpet? I’m strongly considering getting this for my three year old (who will be 4 on Christmas) but most of our house is carpeted, so I’m concerned that carpet will slow it down to impact it’s movement.

    1. it works fine on low carpet that isn’t too high (there’s a word for that,right? I’m spacing it out!) but doesn’t work on shag.

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