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Unlike most people, I’m dreading the Olympics. Only because I think I should invent some elaborate creative backyard challenge and blog about it. Or at the very least, have my kids learn about the history, the sports, and England.

Sigh. Except I’m tired. I don’t feel like it. I just want to read my own books and take naps. You know what I mean?

Luckily, I found the coolest website, Start with a Book, where I can pick and choose from books, apps, websites, hands-on activities, writing, and interviews all about the Olympics.

For the Olympics, here’s a screen shot of the theme and related content.

Notice my orange arrows pointing out the features?

Isn’t this such a gold-mine of ideas!? Now I don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn about the Olympics — I will use the Start with a Book suggestions. So can you.

But, it gets better. Sports and the Olympics is only 1 of 24 themes. Other themes include:

Art and Artists
Bugs, Birds and Animals
Builders and Buildings
Detectives and Explorers
Families and Communities
Folktales, Fairy Tales and Myths
Heroes and Superheros
Homes and Habitats

Wait. There’s more! You’ll also find:

–> a sign-up for reading tips texted to you 3-4 times per week for the ENTIRE summer. I just signed up. (NO COST except your cell service rates.) You can also sign up with the form below.

–> a reading tip of the day; here’s today’s tip:

Summer scrapbook [Jun 26, 2012]
Encourage children to keep a summer scrapbook. Tape in souvenirs of your family’s summer activities — postcards, ticket stubs, photos. Have your children write the captions and read them aloud as you look at the book together.

–> reading aloud tips, articles, stories, and videos.
–> book suggestions.
–> and ideas for literacy fun. (Right up my alley!!!)
Start with a Book comes from the always amazing, Reading Rockets and the Park Foundation. I encourage you to check it out and let me know what you think.
What do you think?
And which theme will you do first?
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  1. I am with you about being tired and in need of a nap. This site does look cool. I wonder if my kids can navigate it themselves.

    By the way, how are your book ideas going? My two cents for a request. Can you make a Klutz book with writing prompts and areas to draw that is geared 1) for boys and 2) for girls? I would totally buy this for all my kids. All those writing exercises you’ve posted on are awesome! I would love that in a all inclusive Klutz-like kit.

    Another kit I’d buy from you would be a kit to publish your own book … Klutz kit-like too. Not a real bound book, but just step by step how to create/write/illustrate a book. And maybe the stuff to make a finished stapled book. Maybe a hardish cover for it too. Maybe include stickers?

    Last idea, a kit that helps kid paint/draw and write freehand creative poetry. It could even go through different kinds of poems like Haiku, iambic pentameter etc with famous examples and then a you-try-it section. ee cummings would be great as an example. writing prompts to create poetry would be great.

    I’m done now and I would buy any of these for my kids and as presents for bday parties.

  2. Wow. That is the coolest site! We do a story time in the park and this will be perfect for that!! Thanks for sharing.

    Lindsey @

  3. THANK YOU! This is just what I’ve been looking for as I plan my 3-year-old’s homeschool activities for this year. I keep searching Amazon for books to match my themes, and then scouring the web for related activities. This website has a lot of my work done for me.