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Ready for new picture books that will keep your kids laughing? These are hilarious choices!

Hilarious Picture Books

The Daring Prince Dashing Hilarious Picture Books
The Daring Prince Dashing
by Marilou T. Reeder, illustrated by Karl West
This is a very silly reimagined Cinderella with a daring (lacking in common sense) prince and fearless pogo-stick-loving princess — which she leaves behind. The prince searches the kingdom while blindfolded. And the two developed an adventurous friendship ever after.

Little Bo Peep and Her Bad, Bad Sheep a Mother Goose Hullabaloo Hilarious Picture Books

Little Bo Peep and Her Bad, Bad Sheep a Mother Goose Hullabaloo by A.L. Wegwerth & Luke Flowers
Nursery rhymes pay little attention as Little Bo Peep tries to find her sheep — pigs are off to market, the spider is trying to swallow a fly, and so much craziness is happening that your kids will love looking at all the nursery rhyming details of each illustration. I totally adore this book.
President Squid Hilarious Picture Books
President Squid
by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by  Sara Varon
This humorous story is about a squid who wants to be president for all the wrong reasons — because they wear ties, have the biggest house ever, and so on. Funny and timely with the upcoming presidential election.
No Lie, Pigs (And Their Houses) Can Fly! Hilarious Picture Books
No Lie, Pigs (And Their Houses) Can Fly! The Story of the Three Little Pigs as Told by the Wolf
by Jessica Gunderson, illustrated by  Cristian Bernardini
Poor wolf, he has Uncontrollable Breathing Syndrome. (Don’t we all!?) Only his breaths are gusts of wind. Which really can be misinterpreted by other wolves who bully him and pigs who might think he’s out to eat them. Funny with a warm-hearted ending.

A Hungry Lion or Dwindling Assortment of Animals Hilarious Picture Books
A Hungry Lion or Dwindling Assortment of Animals
written and illustrated by Lucy Ruth Cummins
This book tricked me — and it will trick your kids too. First we meet a hungry lion and an assortment of animals, who all being to disappear one by one. We think maybe the lion is eating them. (Eew!) But, I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you the plot. Darkly hilarious!

Peep and Egg I'm Not Hatching Hilarious Picture Books
Peep and Egg I’m Not Hatching
by Laura Gehl, illustrated by Joyce Wan
Egg’s the stubborn sort (I know a few kids like Egg) and says NO to hatching. That is until Peep finally convinces Egg how fun life hatched can be.

Giraffe in my Soup Hilarious Picture Books
Giraffe in my Soup
by Ross Burach
Good grief — there is one animal after another in this boy’s soup! First a giraffe, then a frog, then an alligator! Kids will crack up at this restaurant disaster.

Frank and Laverne Hilarious Picture Books
Frank and Laverne
by Dave Whamod and Jennifer Stokes, illustrations by Dave Whamod
This book perfectly captures the differences between cats and dogs. It’s two different stories (flip the book to start the second story), one told from the irritated cat’s perspective and the other from the loving dog’s. You’ll love it!

The Battle of the Vegetables Hilarious Picture Books
The Battle of the Vegetables
by Matthieu Sylvaner, illustrated by Perceval Barrier
Who knew leeks (and carrots) were so, um, stupid!? This silly story cracks me up! A cow pretending to be santa’s reindeer and bats in a cave are ALL much smarter than the veggies.

Check out ALL my favorite funny picture books for kids.

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