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Do you know about the Canadian OwlKids Books and the OwlKids Magazines— Chirp, Chickadee, and Owl? Today I want to give you a sampling of some of their newest books.

OwlKids Books Reviewed

My Beastly Book of Twisted Tales 150 Ways to Doodle, Scribble, Color, and Draw
by Berengere Delaporte
A fun activity doodle, scribble, color, and draw book that will last for months! JJ’s been flipping around, picking and choosing what looks interesting. It’s been a bit hit for her! (Review here.)

by Dave Whamond
Jack’s Uncle Doug gives Jack a Think-a-Ma-Jink for his birthday – a wonderful way to make all his ideas become real – like cotton-candy-breathing dragons. But the Think-a-Ma-Jink gets destroyed, and Jack learns that he can has the power in his own imagination to bring his ideas to life. JJ loves this story!

Animals and Their Families
by Barbara Nascimbeni
Each animal has a two page spread– 1 page for the animal and 1 page for animal’s sound, home, and what it eats. We read this book and looked up the sounds to hear them for ourselves. Whale sounds, penguin sounds, it was so fun!

 by Catherine Ripley, illustrated by Scot Ritchie
How does the library get all its books?
How does batter turn into cake?
How does the steering wheel turn the car?
How do x-rays work?
This book asks and answers some fascinating kid questions.

Off To Class Incredible and Unusual Schools Around the World
by Susan Hughes
I think this is such a great introduction to the realities around the world.

More Books From OwlKids

Little Lamb, Have you Any Wool
by Isabel Minhas Martins, illustrated by Yara Kono

Martin on the Moon
by Martine Audet illustrated by Luc Melanson

Pick Up Your Pen The Art of Handwriting
by Monica Dengo

Sir Seth Thistlewaite
by Richard Thake illustrated by Vince Chui

Picture My Day
by Severine Cordier, illustrated by Cynthia Lacroix

The Secret Life of Money A Kid’s Guide to Cash
by Kira Vermond, illustrated by layton Hanmer

Max Finder Mystery
by Liam O’Donnell, illustrated by Michael Cho

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  1. We are huge fans of the Max Finder graphic novel mystery series. My first grader loves them and we sometimes even figure out the mystery! But not every time!

  2. Wow, Thanks for making OwlKids Books Review. These books are perfect for my kids. They will surely love these books. I will buy some of these books for my kids.

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