First Day of School Treasure Hunt and Craft

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Start a new tradition for the first day of school: a treasure hunt to find school supplies and a fun craft for at-home school supply storage.

Kids from preschool to elementary can easily do this Michael’s Create Your Own Back-to-School Adventure.

School Supply Storage Box


white photo memory box
paper glue
magnetic plastic letters & numbers
colored masking tape
school supplies

1. Using a white photo memory box from Michaels, decorate the sides with colored masking tape. (We’re addicted to tape!)

2. Decorate the box with plastic letters and numbers — found in the dollar bin at Michaels.

Either dip the letters into the glue or put glue directly onto the edges of each letter.

3. Optionally, add an inside pocket using the photo dividers from the memory box.

4. Use the finished box to store your new at-home school supplies! Make the supplies prizes in the treasure hunt.

So cute, right? 🙂

Printable First Day of School Treasure Hunt

My kids love both school supplies and treasure hunts.
(Ok, let’s be honest – I do, too!)

So a treasure hunt for school supplies is the perfect combo.


card stock
school supplies
school supplies box
printable clues

1. Print out the treasure hunt clues on card stock.

2. Attach supplies to each clue OR pile them all in your new box for the end of the hunt.

3. Hide the clues.
Save out clue #1 and hide the other clues. Put clue #2 in the answer for #1. Clue #3 goes in the answer spot for #2 and so forth.
(Answers are included in the printable treasure hunt clues.)

Click the image below to download the clues:

Disclosure: Michaels sent me a gift card to use for the supplies and materials. Thank you so much!

You’ll find more creative back-to-school crafts online at

Fun Facts: Michaels offers a 15 percent discount for teachers every day. Michaels offers a bulk ordering program where you can order as many supplies as you need and save up to 20 percent. Download the Michaels app for deals and coupons. Follow @michaelsstores on Twitter and Pinterest.

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