DIY a Cryoow! Doll for Play and Stories

Cryoow! doll story and giveaway

Cryoow! dolls start with a child’s 2D drawing, transforming it into a jaw-dropping, super-awesome hand-crafted 3D doll. It's so cool. Make a Cryoow! Doll To make a doll, your child draws a picture more than 4 inches tall. We recommend using the game Pick and Draw which taught us so many fun ways to draw faces. Draw your person -- my eight year old daughter drew herself. … [Read more...]

25 DIY Pretend Play Kits


When spring break begins, you'll be ready. Because you don't need to go on fancy vacations to have fun. You can stay home and pretend play for days. Throughout life, imagination remains a key to emotional resilience and creativity. - Stuart Brown, Play To help your kids pretend play, make your own thematic pretend play kits. In each kit put props that will help … [Read more...]

The BEST Pretend Play Gift Ideas for Kids


It's getting close to Christmas - and you may need a few more quick gift ideas. Here you go. Pretend play gift ideas for kids! Pretend Play Gift Ideas for Kids Fairy Tale Finger Tattoo Puppets Fun, temporary tattoos that turn normal little fingers into finger puppets! Each pack contains 20 finger tattoos and full instructions Finger Fairytale includes: Witch, Princess, … [Read more...]

Toys That Require Imagination . . . Cardboard


Kids are naturally wired to play and imagine. But when we (I'm guilty of this myself) give them tons of toys that do everything, they don't need to imagine anything. So give your kids a cardboard challenge - to find the hidden objects in the boxes like Michelangelo did with blocks of granite. The boxes require imagination. They won't do anything without it. It's NOT a box, … [Read more...]

How to Extend the Magic of Harry Potter Books With Playing and Writing

harry potter books

"Expelliarmus!" shouts one daughter to her friend, pointing a wand at her. In our house, Harry Potter isn't just a book to read, it's hours of imaginative play.It's the world's best loved chapter book series and the perfect book for reading, pretend play, and creative writing. Act Out Harry Potter Scenes Help your kids with new ideas to get started playing. Ideas like … [Read more...]

Ideas and Activities for Summer Learning, Ages 3 – 6


If your kids are ages 3 to 6, you want to find easy ways to keep them engaged, playing, and learning throughout the summer. Don't worry, I got you covered with some snazzy, new ideas and resources. (Those of you with kids 6 - 10, you'll want to read yesterday's post about getting organized and finding fun activities for summer learning. Lots of ideas there, too.) Pretend … [Read more...]

Activity Ideas for Summer Learning, Ages 6 – 10


Make this summer a time of playful learning and hands-on experiences. I love what I can do with my kids over the summer to encourage learning. Did you know that most kids regress two months in math and one or two months in reading? (Cooper, 1996) Yikes! We keep a summer schedule that includes learning activities, art, outside time, play, reading, friend time, room time, … [Read more...]

Lost and Found – Small World Play


Hello! I'm Ness, and I blog at One Perfect Day where I share ideas for learning through play, arts and craft ideas, cooking with kids, children's books and parenting tips. I am so excited to be guest posting at Imagination Soup. Melissa's site is my go-to source of information and inspiration for everything related to kids and parenting and I'm honored to be writing here … [Read more...]

Pretend Play George’s Marvelous Medicine


  Guest post by: Charlotte from Make, Do and Friend. Hi! I blog about creative play and imaginative learning with my 2.5 year-old son, Vincent. I'm so excited to be at Imagination Soup sharing our Roald Dahl inspired playtime. Recently Vin and I caught a reading of George's Marvelous Medicine at our local library. Vinnie loved the story; we brought it home and read … [Read more...]

Have a Pirate Play Date


Let me introduce myself... my name is Gina, and I have a little blog called East Coast Mommy.  I am so excited to be visiting {here at Imagination Soup} and sharing a little Pirate Fun with you. Want to play with us?  You can have your own {easy and inexpensive} Pirate Play Date in three simple steps.   Step 1 - Build a pirate ship out of an old box.  {As you can see, … [Read more...]