13 Sight Word Apps and 26 Alphabet and Phonics Apps

reading apps

Learning letters and letter sounds start a child's journey to reading words and these alphabet and phonics apps will help. Learning "sight words," or words to recognize at a glance, is another step. Download these sight word apps when your child is ready to learn these commonly used words. Click on the image or name of app to see or buy it in the Apple App store. Android … [Read more...]

40 Coding Classes, Websites, Games, and Apps for Kids

coding for kids

If you're looking for coding or pre-coding classes, games, toys, and apps, for your kids to learn to code, you'll find everything you need here. But first, let's define terms. Coding is learning a foreign language -- a machine foreign language. Just like any language, the ability to read and write it is a literacy of it's own. The biggest benefit of learning to code is … [Read more...]

Talking to Kids About Sex

talking to kids about sex ed

I just sat down and watched a sex video with my 13-year-old. Well, a sex education video -- that was pretty detailed with anatomical models. In this day when kids are exposed to so much, so young, I wanted my kids to be educated and prepared. Seeing exactly what the "deal" is will be to her benefit. Hopefully. Talking About Sex with Kids Long before we watched the video, … [Read more...]

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

review of Potatoyz app and toy

I didn't think my kids would get to try 3D printing before me but it happened with POTATOYZ,  a brand new interactive app and toy created by the animators of The Lorax and Despicable Me. Children create and customize a toy in the app which can be sent to a 3D printer, made for real, and sent to your child. It's totally cool to see your imagination come to life! And, where else … [Read more...]

30+ Addition and Subtraction Apps

addition apps for kids

Download these addition apps and subtraction apps for your kids to learn and practice their math facts! I've found over 30 for you to check out -- many of which are free. 30+ Addition Apps and Subtraction Apps More or Less FREE Android Don't miss this app -- it's visually clean and beautiful and provides EXCELLENT visuals to correspond to the numbers! Love … [Read more...]

Favorite Cookbooks My Kids Actually Use

best cookbooks for kids

About 5:30 in the evening I start imagining a fairy god-cook who whisks in and whips up a healthy meal. Since that's NOT happening, I figured I better keep working on my kid's cooking skills. Thus, I must find cookbooks my kids will actually like and use. They already pack their own lunches and can make breakfast, pasta, frozen pizza, and hot dogs. But their idea of cooking … [Read more...]

Emotional Intelligence Activity for Kids: Pooh Sticks

emotional intelligence activity for kids - pooh sticks

As you know, we're talking a lot about emotional intelligence and mindfulness this summer. Emotional awareness is the first step to being mindful, in order to develop emotional intelligence, or EQ. To begin, you must observe your emotions without judgement. I've found an emotional intelligence activity for kids that will give them a visual representation of how the emotions … [Read more...]

Geology for Kids

geology for kids

Melissa Weisner's son wanted a geology birthday party. So, like the smart entrepreneurial mom she is, she invented Rock On! A Geology Game & Rock Collection. And we're glad she did -- it's a fun, easy way to teach geology for kids! My kids LOVE it -- we play it often all together as a family. So, not only is it a learning game, it's a great family game! Geology for … [Read more...]

6 Reasons You’ll Love Kids Zone #KS #ad

x1 xfinity kids zone review

Parents, if you're a Comcast customer, I have good news for you! You will now find The kids zone on the X1 operating system by XFINITY! Kids and parents can use the X1 system to easily access kids zone. kids zone brought to you by XFINITY offers over 6,500 Common Sense Media pre-approved kids shows, movies, and more. That means parents and kids can be assured of safe, … [Read more...]