DIY Christmas Storybook with Printable Story Starters


Today for the 2012 Creative Christmas Countdown, I'll show you how to make your own Christmas storybook, a handmade book covered in wrapping paper, filled with colorful pages ready for you to write imaginative Christmas stories. Use the free printable holiday story starters to inspire ideas. Supplies: paper, scissors, printer, glue, card stock, cereal boxes, … [Read more...]

The Best Writing-Related Gifts for Kids


I know you're searching for meaningful gifts for your kids - gifts that aren't just plastic and battery operated. I've searched for the best gift ideas to encourage your children to write and invent stories. All of these I highly recommend - and would buy for my own kids. (Or already have.) See if you find anything that your kids will like. Let me know what you think in the … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek at My Educational Gift Guides for Kids


As in years past of publishing learning gifts for kids, I've compiled a guide of the best educational gifts for kids -- toys, games, kits, puzzles, and so forth -- in many learning categories: writing, reading, science, math, art, and games. Since many of you have asked, I want you to have a sneak peek at ALL the learning gifts in this year's gift guide. (It's a LONG list! … [Read more...]

Free Printable Halloween Treasure Hunt

Free printable Halloween treasure hunt for kids

This weekend, you can sneak in a little reading and rhyming with this free, printable Halloween Treasure Hunt. Help younger kids with the reading and rhyming or modify the clues. Make Your Own Treasure Hunt 1. Write out the answers, in other words, where your kids will find each clue. 2. Go to Rhyme Zone and enter each answer to find rhyming words for it. 3. … [Read more...]

Dot-to-Dots That Will Blow Your Mind (& a Giveaway)


When I read through Dr. Toy's top 100 best toys, I saw Monkeying Around's Dot to Dot books. I wondered what could make a dot-to-dot book that different than any other dot-to-dot book - enough to win an award? Dot to Dot Books for Big Kids These aren't your preschooler's dot-to-dots. They're the coolest dot to dot pictures you'll ever see designed by David Kalvitis. You … [Read more...]

Who Can Resist This Board Book Kit? (Not Me!)


Have you seen the new Kid Made Modern line at Target? There's a Board Book Kit you might like. Board Book Kit The Board Book Kit is $14.99 and comes with 3 board books and sticker papers. Since I buy anything to do with writing and reading (justification: kids learning and blogging) I immediately bought the kit. We loved it. TA-Da! Here's a page from JJ's board book of … [Read more...]

Finishing Summer Writing Homework (GROAN)


My fifth grader is supposed to be keeping a journal over the summer --that will be 1) graded and 2) used as an assessment. (Groan.) Summer Writing Intervention AJ does not want to write and it shows in her work. I can barely get a paragraph out of her. (But, at least she writes with lots of voice*!) *voice = when the writer's personality comes through his or her … [Read more...]