Christmas Story Starters


Today for the 2012 Creative Christmas Countdown, I'll give you printable Christmas story starters and show you how to make your own Christmas storybook, a handmade book covered in wrapping paper, filled with colorful pages ready for you to write imaginative Christmas stories. Use the free printable holiday story starters to inspire ideas. Christmas Story … [Read more...]

Free Printable Halloween Treasure Hunt

Free printable Halloween treasure hunt for kids

This weekend, you can sneak in a little reading and rhyming with this free, printable Halloween Treasure Hunt. Help younger kids with the reading and rhyming or modify the clues. Make Your Own Treasure Hunt 1. Write out the answers, in other words, where your kids will find each clue. 2. Go to Rhyme Zone and enter each answer to find rhyming words for it. 3. … [Read more...]

Storytelling with Kids


by children’s author Tina McFadden. According to my mother, as a toddler, I would sit down, open up a book and start babbling to myself. When I had finished “reading” a page, I would flip the page and continue. It didn’t matter if the book was turned upside down – I was making up the whole thing! My mother never stopped me or tried to correct me, and I’m glad she didn’t. … [Read more...]

Who Can Resist This Board Book Kit? (Not Me!)


Have you seen the new Kid Made Modern line at Target? There's a Board Book Kit you might like. Board Book Kit The Board Book Kit is $14.99 and comes with 3 board books and sticker papers. Since I buy anything to do with writing and reading (justification: kids learning and blogging) I immediately bought the kit. We loved it. TA-Da! Here's a page from JJ's board book of … [Read more...]

4 Art Journal Prompts for Kids

Who Am I? art journal activities for kids and adults

We often ask kids what they're good at, what they like, or who they are. Help kids figure this out with art journa prompts. Here are four ideas for kids to express who they are through writing and art --art journals. Art Journal Prompts for Kids 1. Collage "I Am" 2. Collage - Favorite Things 3. "I Believe" Sun 3. List - Favorite Things 4. Portraits - with or … [Read more...]

Creativity and Julia Child


August 15, Julia Child would have celebrated her 100th birthday-- Happy Birthday to her! Her legacy, teaching us how to cook French food and enjoy the dining experience, lives on in her cookbooks, her memoir, and at the Smithsonian. Yes, Child donated her entire kitchen to the Smithsonian. "Learn how to cook-- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and … [Read more...]

Do You Love I Spy Books? How to Make Your Own!


Do your kids love the I Spy books by Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick? Try making your own I Spy book pages as a fun art and writing activity. To do this you'll gather props, take pictures, and work on the computer. Make Your Own I Spy Book We choose to make I Spy pages with colors. Gather props around your own theme. Then, arrange the objects close together. The … [Read more...]

Bubble Writing (Lettering) Motivates Kids to Write (Mostly)


Are you finding it challenging to get your kids to write? Because me, too! Sigh. Which is why I'm happy about bubble writing to motivate them. Bubble Writing First of all, bubble writing is really lettering, or making letters fancy, silly, scary, poofy, etc. We found tons of lettering ideas in the book, How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World Ever - from monster letters … [Read more...]