Fabulous Activity Book: Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker

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Fashion Rebel Outfit Maker: Mix and Mismatch Styles got my sick 13-year old teen to be creative and stay off technology while recuperating on the couch. She totally loved this activity book. In fact, it's great gift idea it is for your own tween or tween, don't you think? "It's really cool!" enthused my daughter. Today she wants to be a fashion designer. (Today.) But, … [Read more...]

Möbi Math Facts Game Review


Möbi is a crossword style game for math facts --basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and addition. I say basic because the numbers only go to 12 so you're limited in the equations you can create. Although you're competing against an opponent or opponents, it's almost like your own game since you work at your own pace to make equations and get rid of all your blue … [Read more...]

Hottest Toy of the Season: Playmation! Avengers

Playmation! Avengers Review

Playmation! Avengers Starter Pack is a totally unique, awesomely fun wearable hybrid toy -- a video game/live-action combination from Disney. It'll be the hottest toy of the upcoming 2015 holiday season. Check out the Toys“R”Us ad or in-store special for exciting offers on Duracell batteries. And if you ask my kids, Playmation! Avengers is super fun to play because you are … [Read more...]

Sight Words Game: Zingo!

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Kids need to memorize sight words so the more practie they have with each word, the better. Sight words make up about 50 - 75 percent of all writing in the English language so knowing these words "by sight" is absolutely essential for a solid reading foundation. The Zingo! Sight Words game is one of our favorites for practicing sight words since it makes learning sight … [Read more...]

The Best Educational Games for Kids: Logic and Strategy

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Do you play games with your kids? As you know, we spend many evenings playing games. (I admit to like this better than pretend play dolls or Playmobils.) If you're considering adding to your game collection, here are our recommended educational games for kids that use logic and strategy. The Best Educational Games for Kids: Logic and Strategy Spot it!  ages 6+ This is our … [Read more...]

Tugie – Fun Coordination Game for the Family

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Tugie, a new game from the always inspiring Marbles the Brain Store, is a quick and fun fine motor skills game for the whole family. We found it to be a great family game night choice, good for lots of giggles. Tugie - Fun Coordination Game for the Family Start with the pieces on the tower. Make sure the gray is on the very top when you start. Roll the die to see which … [Read more...]

40 Coding Classes, Websites, Games, and Apps for Kids

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If you're looking for coding or pre-coding classes, games, toys, and apps, for your kids to learn to code, you'll find everything you need here. But first, let's define terms. Coding is learning a foreign language -- a machine foreign language. Just like any language, the ability to read and write it is a literacy of it's own. The biggest benefit of learning to code is … [Read more...]

Build Your Own 3D Toy with Potatoyz App

review of Potatoyz app and toy

I didn't think my kids would get to try 3D printing before me but it happened with POTATOYZ,  a brand new interactive app and toy created by the animators of The Lorax and Despicable Me. Children create and customize a toy in the app which can be sent to a 3D printer, made for real, and sent to your child. It's totally cool to see your imagination come to life! And, where else … [Read more...]

WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review

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WackIt Ball is a new backyard game for one or two players. My kids think it's totally fun. I think it's loud (don't play it when the neighbors are still sleeping) and great for hand-eye coordination! WackIt Ball Backyard Game Review To play, thread a wiffle ball through the cable. You can attach the cable to poles, trees, fence posts, etc. We used a post on our back porch … [Read more...]

These Learning Card Games Will Make Kids Think

Super Genius Educational Card Games for Kids

Blue Orange just released a new learning card game series called Super Genius. The card games remind me of Spot It! but are harder and more educational. They'll make your kids THINK! And by think, I both reviewing known concepts and learning new ones. For us, it's review and practice of multiplication facts. (Those darn facts are tricky to remember!) But it could also be … [Read more...]