Back to School with Zoobean Book Subscriptions

Zoobean Book Subscriptions for Kids

Imagine books arriving to your door -- perfect in every way from reading level, language, interest to background. That's what Zoobean book subscriptions give to families. Maybe your family next?! Two Teachers, a Little Boy, and a Dream Jordan Lloyd Bookey's son received the picture book, All the World, in the mail from a friend. Not only was he so excited to open his gift, … [Read more...]

Speakaboos Learning and Literacy App

New Literacy Speakaboo iPad app

When I said I wanted a slow summer, I did not envision getting a nasty Epstein Barr virus forcing me to be slow from fatigue. Since I wasn't at my parenting best, I relied on my husband, our wonderful babysitter, and educational learning tools to help. One of those tools was Speakaboos -- an interactive storybook iPad app. Even though it's recommended for ages 2 - 6, my … [Read more...]

Twitter Party with PBS Kids Creating a Literate Home

PBS Kids Twitter Party

If you haven't done a Twitter party before, this week would be a GREAT time to start. Why? Because the topic is just up your alley: Creating a Literate Home. How cool is that? I'm hosting the PBSKids sponsored party with Amy of Teach Mama with special panelist, Megan Ardoin of the blog, Honey We're Home. Zippity Do Da! In the party, you'll have a chance to share and … [Read more...]

New Picture Books for Summer Reading 2013

Summer Reading New Picture Books LG

Do you need suggestions for new picture books to read and adore this summer? Well, I have a gazillion. Or close. Read on! The Dark by Lemony Snicket, illustrated by Jon Klassen Most kids can relate to young Laszlo's fear of the dark. In this unique picture book, the dark is n actual thing that lives in the basement, hides in the closet, and waits in the corners. One … [Read more...]

Beginning Reader Books

new books for early readers

If your kids are beginning readers, ages kindergarten to second grade, you'll want to buy or borrow enticing beginning reader books that will keep your kids reading over the summer. Here are lots to choose from. When you choose, remember to consider your child's interest and reading level. Beginning Reader Books Monkey and Elephant Get Better by Carole Lexa Schaefer, … [Read more...]

Learn the Alphabet with Animal Alphabet Friends Books

alphabet animal books

Is your child ready to learn the alphabet and letter sounds? You'll love the new Alphabet Animal Friends book series from Newmark Learning. Alphabet Animal Friends help your child master letters and letter sounds with photographs of real objects and animals, playful rhymes, and cute characters. I'm already a fan, and think you will be, too. (Scroll for sweepstakes.) Each … [Read more...]

My Favorite Audio Books for Kids from Greathall

Listening to an audiostory by Jim Weiss

You know how great audio books are for kids, especially reluctant readers. Now I want to tell you the absolute best audio book stories that my kids, actually the whole family, enjoys both in the car and at home. My Favorite Audio Books for Kids from Jim Weiss Jim Weiss' storytelling is so engaging. He's gifted, and so brilliant with voices. Throughout the narration, he uses a … [Read more...]

Read an Audio Book, Kids!

Audiobooks for Kids

Believe it or not, audio books for kids count as reading and are a great way to get kids into books. Benefits of Audio Books for Kids It counts as reading. It's quiet. It's motivating for reluctant readers. It builds reading skills like:  vocabulary background knowledge visualization listening skills Audio Book Choices You can listen to a book on: … [Read more...]

If You’re Using Google Reader – READ THIS! (Because Reader is going away)


Yes, Google Reader is going away. So, if you're using it to read Imagination Soup, you need to switch to another reader, Feedly. OR subscribe by email. Click here to do that. According to my mentor, Michael Hyatt, you have several choices: Feedly, News Blur, Old Reader, Reeder and Taptu. He recommends Feedly. It's free and it's similar to Google Reader. So, that's what I'm … [Read more...]

NEW Picture Books I’m Loving

Picture Books, Winter 2013

New Picture Books 2013 "NO, mom, not that book." Ever hear that? I'm convinced that sometimes I just need to start a book for my kids to see how awesome it is. Not always. But, lately my kids' pickiness seems to permeate not just their food choices but their book choices as well. So, even though book choice is important, don't forget the "sell" -- which sometimes … [Read more...]