My Favorite Audiobooks for Kids from Greathall

Listening to an audiostory by Jim Weiss

You know how great audiobooks are for kids, especially reluctant readers. Now I want to tell you the absolute best audiobook stories that my kids, actually the whole family, enjoys both in the car and at home. Greathall Storytelling Recordings by Jim Weiss Jim Weiss' storytelling is so engaging. He's gifted, and so brilliant with voices. Throughout the narration, he uses a … [Read more...]

Read an Audiobook, It Counts as Reading!

Audiobooks for Kids

Believe it or not, audiobooks count as reading and are a great way to get kids into books. Benefits of Audio Books It counts as reading. It's quiet. It's motivating for reluctant readers. It builds reading skills like:  vocabulary background knowledge visualization listening skills Audio Book Choices You can listen to a book on: CDs, Playaways, … [Read more...]

If You’re Using Google Reader – READ THIS! (Because Reader is going away)


Yes, Google Reader is going away. So, if you're using it to read Imagination Soup, you need to switch to another reader, Feedly. OR subscribe by email. Click here to do that. According to my mentor, Michael Hyatt, you have several choices: Feedly, News Blur, Old Reader, Reeder and Taptu. He recommends Feedly. It's free and it's similar to Google Reader. So, that's what I'm … [Read more...]

Come On, Just Give Books a Chance! (NEW Picture Books I’m Loving)

Picture Books, Winter 2013

"NO, mom, not that book." Ever hear that? I'm convinced that sometimes I just need to start a book for my kids to see how awesome it is. Not always. But, lately my kids' pickiness seems to permeate not just their food choices but their book choices as well. So, even though book choice is important, don't forget the "sell" -- which sometimes includes reading a few pages … [Read more...]

Picky Readers Are Like Picky Kitties So Try Many Flavors

Picky Readers Might Like the Kindle

We adopted a cat recently. . . and started a cat-food collection. Ugh. I tried so many brands of cat food but with little success. She didn't eat for a week. (Anyone want some cat food?) Eventually, I found a cat food she liked. Finally. No more starving kitty. It’s not so different with picky readers. Often we must persistently offer every flavor, size, genre, … [Read more...]

23 Reasons to Read Printable Poster

23 Reasons to Read Printable Poster

Why do we read? I spent some time thinking about this . . . and how we want our kids to read for so many reasons. Reasons such as . . . to imagine to understand to dream to discover to meet to empathize to grow . . . there are so many reasons, aren't there? I wrote the "23 Reasons to Read" printable poster for you, your kids, your classroom, and your … [Read more...]

Wacky Books Will Hook Reluctant Readers

Reluctant Reader Idea: Try Silly Books

Imagine you're a book wanting a child to love you -- so you got to go for the cheap laughs. Most of us like to laugh, especially kids. So when you have a child who doesn't want to read, for whatever reason (7 BIG reasons kids don't like to read here), try to get them engaged in a silly story. Help your child get started on a book by reading it aloud for a few chapters. If … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Gift Guide: Children’s Books


Ok, this post is a bit long but it's worth it . . . today I'm giving you my picks for the best children's books of 2012: board books, picture books, and chapter books. Also, I've generally used the publisher's book descriptions due to time constraints. However, I've read all of these book and highly recommend them. (Some anecdotal comments are sprinkled throughout.) Board … [Read more...]