Favorite Math Apps for Kids

Best Math iPad Apps for Kids Fall 2012

We think math apps make math practice much more fun. Do your kids think so, too? We've found some math app favorites to share with you. See also: Best Fraction Apps for Kids Math Apps for Kids Marble Math Jr. $1.99 Players are shown a maze and given a math problem. Example: collect numbers equal to 8 (=5, 3) or collect from last to first (8th, 6th, 4th, 1st). Drag or … [Read more...]

Creativity and the Lego Story

LEGO 80th birthday video

This month, LEGO celebrated 80 years with an animated story of it's wooden toy beginning and transition to plastic bricks. I love how the story exemplifies the essentials of creativity - failure, perseverance, design thinking. Plus, it's really interesting. Both my kids (7 and 10) were mesmerized. Don't you want to invent something now? READ: StoryStarter Kit from … [Read more...]

Goo, Gak, Goop: Slimy Summer Play


Need another fun summer activity? Make your own goop, gak, flubber! It's slimy fun that gives kids math, science, and sensory play. Talk about learning fun, right? Goop Recipe (This is my favorite recipe, adapted from Education.com. However, if you prefer a non-Borax recipe, try this cornstarch Goop recipe on Scholastic.) Elmer's Glue Food Coloring Borax Water 1. … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Perfume


My little sister concocted perfumes all summer long. Now, it's time for me to share the fun nature and science activity with my kids. We used a mortar and pestle to mix water and flowers. Then added in other smelly things like . . . We poured perfume in small jars. So pretty! *Inspired by Tinker Lab's Creative Challenge Blog Hop. … [Read more...]

Ideas and Activities for Summer Learning, Ages 3 – 6


If your kids are ages 3 to 6, you want to find easy ways to keep them engaged, playing, and learning throughout the summer. Don't worry, I got you covered with some snazzy, new ideas and resources. (Those of you with kids 6 - 10, you'll want to read yesterday's post about getting organized and finding fun activities for summer learning. Lots of ideas there, too.) Pretend … [Read more...]

Activity Ideas for Summer Learning, Ages 6 – 10


Make this summer a time of playful learning and hands-on experiences. I love what I can do with my kids over the summer to encourage learning. Did you know that most kids regress two months in math and one or two months in reading? (Cooper, 1996) Yikes! We keep a summer schedule that includes learning activities, art, outside time, play, reading, friend time, room time, … [Read more...]

Pretend Play George’s Marvelous Medicine


  Guest post by: Charlotte from Make, Do and Friend. Hi! I blog about creative play and imaginative learning with my 2.5 year-old son, Vincent. I'm so excited to be at Imagination Soup sharing our Roald Dahl inspired playtime. Recently Vin and I caught a reading of George's Marvelous Medicine at our local library. Vinnie loved the story; we brought it home and read … [Read more...]

Engaging Puzzle and Activity Books for Kids

kids activity books

Are you keeping up with summer learning so your kids don't experience the dreaded "summer slide"? Me, too. But, that's where puzzle and activity books come in. They'll keep your kids and mine learning and thinking this summer. ('Cause I need to get my act together! You?) Activity Books for Kids Ages 2 - 5 eyePad ABC/abc and eyePad 123 Ages 6 - … [Read more...]

Spiral Investigations in Nature, Books, Art, and Math


One of the coolest patterns in nature is the spiral, don't you think? Investigate spirals with your kids by observing in nature, books, art, and making your own. Spirals In Nature You can find spirals in a seashell a spider web flower petals cauliflower florets pine cones seeds of a sunflower  Spirals Are Fibonacci Numbers. Fibonacci numbers are the pattern … [Read more...]