Q-Ba-Maze = Amazing Building and Marble Play

Q Ba Maze

Did you see the New York Times article about the math and language benefits of block play? It made me think of my new favorite building toy, Q-Ba-Maze 2.0, which is more than just blocks - it's also a marble maze. One of my favorite companies, MindWare, brainy toys for kids of all ages, sent it to me to review. The clear and colored interlocking cubes attach top to … [Read more...]

Seriously — Engineering for Kids?


Kids already are natural builders. Give them LEGOS, facilitation, and information and watch as kids become engineers. Actually, I never thought about engineering for kid until AJ (4th grade) took a Play-Well Engineering FUNdamentals class after school, which she loves. It got me thinking about all the ways to learn about engineering - and, you know I love to research and … [Read more...]

Blast Off! Pretend Play Astronaut


Young astronauts, get your rockets and space ships ready to blast off into pretend play imagination land! Lucky for me, I got to play astronaut in Leann Ausec's playful ECE room at Aspen Academy where I took these photos. So, what can young astronauts do to playfully learn about space? First, prepare with background knowledge Learn about space, constellations, and the phases … [Read more...]

Add and Subtract Toppings On Your Pizza


Learning Resources carries a fun, educational game which makes kids listen, count, subtract, and move fast called Pizza Mania. To play, set out the toppings, the pizza chef, and choose your pizza crust. The pizza chef will call out a topping to add to or take off the pizza crust such as "3 pepperonis" or "2 peppers." Each player must listen and follow the directions. At the … [Read more...]

Halloween Learning Fun – Books, Storytelling, Math, and Science

learning fun halloween books halloween writing

This Halloween, tell a silly story to your kids and let them draw what they hear. This fun story emphasizes listening, remembering, and following directions.(I don't know the source of the original story, my version is in Spanish and handwritten.)Here's the story of Witchy Witch. (FREE printable here.)Witchy WitchOnce upon a time, there was a witch who was very tiny.Except her … [Read more...]

Food and Nutrition Learning Ideas for Kids


Look up picky eaters in the dictionary and you'll find my children. But, it's not for our lack of trying. Jeff and I have always eaten healthy ("clean"); we want our picky eaters to know why it's important to make healthy choices, and what food does in our bodies. Yes, we have a garden, yes we buy organic. Yes, Jeff even juices, and yes, we make our kids try a bite of … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Microscope at Home


Yes, you do need a microscope at home. Because the benefits are learning and discovery. Benefits of Owning a Microscope 1. Encourages discovery. 2. Teaches kids about scientific hypothesis. 3. Hones observational skills. 4. Develops a love of the natural world. 5. Helps with a child's love of science. 6. It's FUN! 7. It's real - it's the world. 8. It's … [Read more...]