New (FREE) Max and Ruby Science App

Max and Ruby Science

Do your preschoolers love Max and Ruby as much as we do? (Even though we're not preschoolers.) Then I know your kids will want the new (FREE / $2.99) iLearnWith Max and Ruby: Science app. In this app from iLearnWith, three to six-year olds will learn about water properties and force & motion while playing the engaging science games with their favorite bunny siblings. … [Read more...]

Gift Guide for Kids: Math and Science Learning Toys

science and math gifts

Every year I look for the best toys with educational value for both my kids and yours. I've found some fantastic math and science gift ideas for all ages -- I think your kids will find these learning gifts tons of fun. Math and Science Gifts for Kids 1. Plan Toys Fraction Fun for ages 3-6. Match up the colorful blocks to make shapes. 2. Mental Blox Critical Thinking … [Read more...]

Best Building Toys for Kids

building gifts for kids

Building and Engineering Gifts for Kids Building gifts for kids are so essential for hand-eye coordination, spacial reasoning, and creative problem solving. 1. Plus-Plus 300-Piece Basic Assortment for ages 3-15. Plus-Plus is one simple shape with endless possibilities - build them flat to create a 2-D mosaic or work in 3-D to make more complicated structures. Such a fun … [Read more...]

What to Do When Your Child Needs Academic Help

Best Tutoring Online

When your child is struggling academically in school, tutoring is one of the best options. And you'll want a referral for that tutor. Then you'll want to be sure they're qualified to instruct your child, safe (background check done,) AND good at building rapport and relationship with children. Well, I have a GREAT tutoring referral for you. A highly-qualified, good-with-kids … [Read more...]

Be a Teacher for a Day

Teacher for a Day

Blue plastic-backed chairs wait on desks in the empty room. It won't be like this for long. I know that the parents and students I trailed to the building are arriving at the playground from the surrounding streets and soon at the classroom. I'm spending the day shadowing third year, second-career teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Nelson, in her second grade classroom at College View … [Read more...]

New STEM Apps for Kids

STEM apps for kids

Here are new science, technology, engineering and math apps for kids that will give them practice while having fun. STEM Apps (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Move the Turtle $2.99 The goal of this programming app is to learn how to program commands to move your turtle so where ever he starts, he'll get the diamond. The task lessons start you off from the very … [Read more...]

Squeebles Apps Make Homework Easier (and Fun)


I can't wait to tell you about two apps we are loving that make homework time waaay more fun: Squeebles Times Tables 2 app and Squeebles Spelling app from Key Stage Fun. Squeebles Spelling App Spelling lists that come home on Mondays need to be studied, right? The Squeebles Spelling app ($1.99) is perfect for studying those words. Parents enter the weekly spelling words … [Read more...]

Why I Dislike Homework and How the Research Backs Me Up


Do your kids spend hours a night doing homework? Mine do. And I hate it- maybe even more than they do. Seriously, I'd much rather that my kids get much needed down-time to: play, nap, read, run, swing, dance, twirl, build, create, draw, invent, or design. Yet I sit inside with them, trying to pretend that I'm enthusiastic and supportive, helping them to stay … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Kiwi Crate Nature Collection

If your kids are starting to get bored this summer, you may want a few ideas to spark new activities and creative play. You know me, I lots of favorites on my summer activity ideas for kids Pinterest board. But, here are our top ten favorites that we think you will like, too. Favorite Summer Activities for (Bored) Kids 1. Camp Crafts: Ojos de Dios, friendship bracelets, … [Read more...]

Tri-FACTa Math Facts Game Sweepstakes


Avoid the dreaded summer slide with this great addition and subtraction math facts game for kids ages six and above, Tri-FACTa. Math Facts Game: Tri-FACTa Players get six number cards. The goal is to play 2 or 3 cards to make a fact family, Players place the cards in the triangle spots on top of the other cards played. So in many cases, the player only needs to play one or … [Read more...]