Kids iPad Learning Apps Winter 2013


Ready for some new educational apps? I figured this was about the time you would be itching to get some new apps. Kids home for several weeks. Extra time. All of that. Math & Science Pettson's Inventions 2 $1.99 math, visual Cartoony graphics get to figure out how to build something but it's not as easy as it seems because you can't just put something … [Read more...]

Huge Round-Up of Science and Math Gifts for Kids


Get your kids into math and science with these fun learning science and math gifts. In no particular order, my favorites for 2012 gifts . . . MY FIRST BUILD Begin building with LEGO Bricks and More DUPLO My First Build 4631 $24.99 LITTLE CIRCUIT Playing games with friends and family is great way to develop children’s social and verbal skills. And what an adorable … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek at My Educational Gift Guides for Kids


As in years past of publishing learning gifts for kids, I've compiled a guide of the best educational gifts for kids -- toys, games, kits, puzzles, and so forth -- in many learning categories: writing, reading, science, math, art, and games. Since many of you have asked, I want you to have a sneak peek at ALL the learning gifts in this year's gift guide. (It's a LONG list! … [Read more...]

Spooky Halloween Science

Halloween Science With Steve Spangler

You know Steve Spangler, the cool science guy that does The Ellen Show and makes things explode? His Spangler Science store can give your kids a Spooky Science Halloween! Vampire Veins Create your own Heat Sensitive Worms and Vampire Veins -- worms that are greenish on the outside and reddish on the inside. Ooooh, gross! Atomic Worms Another fun activity is … [Read more...]

Favorite Math iPad Apps for Kids

Best Math iPad Apps for Kids Fall 2012

We think iPad math apps make math practice much more fun. Do your kids think so, too? We've found some math app favorites to share with you -- most that I haven't reviewed before. Marble Math Jr. $1.99 Players are shown a maze and given a math problem. Example: collect numbers equal to 8 (=5, 3) or collect from last to first (8th, 6th, 4th, 1st). Drag or roll the marble … [Read more...]

Creativity and the Lego Story

LEGO 80th birthday video

This month, LEGO celebrated 80 years with an animated story of it's wooden toy beginning and transition to plastic bricks. I love how the story exemplifies the essentials of creativity - failure, perseverance, design thinking. Plus, it's really interesting. Both my kids (7 and 10) were mesmerized. Don't you want to invent something now? READ: StoryStarter Kit from … [Read more...]

Goo, Gak, Goop: Slimy Summer Play


Need another fun summer activity? Make your own goop, gak, flubber! It's slimy fun that gives kids math, science, and sensory play. Talk about learning fun, right? Goop Recipe (This is my favorite recipe, adapted from However, if you prefer a non-Borax recipe, try this cornstarch Goop recipe on Scholastic.) Elmer's Glue Food Coloring Borax Water 1. … [Read more...]