Beautiful Reggio Emilia Inspired Wooden Block Set


I can't say enough about the importance of building block play. Like me, Learning Materials Workshop knows that children need blocks to explore, invent, represent, design, and imagine. President of Learning Materials Workshop, designer and educator, Karen Hewitt of Vermont, U.S.A., creates play objects for children and designed these most fantastic colorful, wooden … [Read more...]

Secret Message Decoder Makes a Great Gift for Kids


I love how secret messages and codes get my kids writing! Maybe not paragraphs but the important thing is they are having fun and writing. Which is why I fell in love with this wooden secret decoder disk from The Wooden Toy Shop on Etsy. We've been having tons of family fun laughs writing each other weird and silly notes -- as you can see below. This secret decoder … [Read more...]

Q-Ba-Maze = Amazing Building and Marble Play

Q Ba Maze

Did you see the New York Times article about the math and language benefits of block play? It made me think of my new favorite building toy, Q-Ba-Maze 2.0, which is more than just blocks - it's also a marble maze. One of my favorite companies, MindWare, brainy toys for kids of all ages, sent it to me to review. Q-Ba-Maze The clear and colored interlocking cubes attach top … [Read more...]

Artists of All Ages – You’ll Love the Nomad Brush for the iPad


Technology totally amazes me -- like the Nomad Brush which works just like a real paint brush on the iPad, only (obviously) without real paint. Originally it was created for professional artists, says Nomad's PR person, Jen Barth, but the artists soon discovered that their children enjoyed the brushes, too. Now, Nomad is reaching out to younger artists like my daughter, … [Read more...]

Add and Subtract Toppings On Your Pizza


Learning Resources carries a fun, educational game which makes kids listen, count, subtract, and move fast called Pizza Mania. To play, set out the toppings, the pizza chef, and choose your pizza crust. The pizza chef will call out a topping to add to or take off the pizza crust such as "3 pepperonis" or "2 peppers." Each player must listen and follow the directions. At the … [Read more...]

An Awesome Resource, Newmark Learning’s Early Readers

Love these Newmark Learning Early Readers!

I'm impressed with the selection and quality of Newmark Learning early readers books. I know they're good because they passed the JJ test. JJ, my first grader, especially loved the nursery rhyme books mentioned below - the Around the Clock Fiction Kit.   Around the Clock Fiction Kit There are 8 Nursery Rhyme Books of fun and funny stories expanding on the original … [Read more...]

Why You Need a Microscope at Home


Yes, you do need a microscope at home. Because the benefits are learning and discovery. Benefits of Owning a Microscope 1. Encourages discovery. 2. Teaches kids about scientific hypothesis. 3. Hones observational skills. 4. Develops a love of the natural world. 5. Helps with a child's love of science. 6. It's FUN! 7. It's real - it's the world. 8. It's … [Read more...]

Jumpstart, Mom Approved Virtual Game World – Giveaway


We don't own a Wii or Nintendo but I do let my kids play a computer game, Jumpstart. Jumpstart is a 3-D online gaming world for kids ages 3 - 12 that is big time fun and believe it or not, includes learning, too in math, reading, and critical thinking. My kids would play it for hours if I let them. (I don't.) Best of all, they love playing next to each other. Then, they … [Read more...]