Family Dinner Activity – Feelings Bowl

Kimochi Feelings Emotional Intelligence

by Susan Schroeder, mother and Kimochis expert. So many of us moms work outside of the home and try hard NOT to bring our work home with us. All parents (working outside the home or not!) crave sacred, uninterrupted, quality time with our children. We want to make sure we stay connected to our kids and make sure they know that we are available for them, even when we have to … [Read more...]

Boogie Monster Dance Kit Giveaway!


Remember Josie Bissett from Melrose Place? Now she's a mother and a picture book author as well as an actress. Her newest book, Boogie Monster Dance Kit, is awesome because it's not just a picture book meant to get kids up and moving around, it's more! It's . . . A picture book, Boogie Monster A pair of Boogie Legs Leggings 1 Boogie Monster Boogie Music CD by Recess … [Read more...]

Recommended Educational Apps


Since I last posted on educational apps, the selection of quality children's eBooks for the iPad has grown bigger and better - which is a good thing, don't you think? Here are my recommendations for Fall 2011 of educational apps and books for the iPad. (And, a giveaway, too.) Educational Apps Aquaduct From easy to very challenging, this is an addictive educationl puzzle app … [Read more...]

More From Dr. Steve Perry and Book Giveaway


I read educational advocacy book, Push Has Come to Shove by Dr. Steve Perry, knowing I'd be speaking to him on the phone, asking my burning questions. His publicist warned me I'd only get 15 minutes. Could I talk, listen, and type that fast? Once I got on the phone with Dr. Perry, the time flew - and he gave me 45 minutes! I wanted to share the majority of our … [Read more...]

A Sorting Pie Math Game for Kids


After delving into comics for a week, I want to jump back into something different -- a cool education toy that I've just discovered. It's the Super Sorting Pie, a learning-based toy, which inspires creative play and learning. My kids loved, loved, loved it. You can play a sorting game -- sort by colors or sort by types of fruit -- a great activity for kids, especially … [Read more...]

What Would Your Superpower Be?


by children's author, librarian, and mother, Jacqueline Jules. My youngest child felt certain that his latest pair of shoes would give him the power to run faster than he ever had before. My own boys used to race around shoe stores, testing new sneakers for speed. In my fifteen years as an elementary school librarian, I admired countless pairs of shiny new sneakers pointed out … [Read more...]

10 Things You Must Know for an IEP Meeting


written by Doug Goldberg of Special Education Advisor. It's Back-to-School and time for your IEP meetings. Here are the top ten tips to remember for your IEP Meetings: 10.  Organize, Organize, and Organize; Make sure you have all IEP’s, assessments and medical diagnoses together in one three ring binder.  This way you can refer back to them during the IEP … [Read more...]

Peanuts Graphic Novel for Kids


If you're a Peanuts fan, you already know that the beloved characters are some of the worlds greatest philosophers. Now, the Peanuts gang is back in their first graphic novel for kids, Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, based on the work of PEANUTS creator Charles M. Schulz, good for both kids and adults. After reading the book, I totally agree with the title, Happiness is a Warm … [Read more...]

What’s New with American Girl Books


I love American Girl dolls and merchandise with a historical and educational component. (And don't you wish you thought of it first? Or is that just me?) Previously, the books were limited to the historical doll characters but now there are many more -- mysteries, contemporary fiction, advice books, and activity books. Girl of the Year Book - Kanani The American Girl doll … [Read more...]

Financial Literacy Game Online – Great Piggy Bank Adventure


T. Rowe Price and Disney created a totally fun (and free) online game called The Great Piggy Bank Adventure® that teaches kids financial literacy to kids. Through the online game and interactive experience at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot® at the Walt Disney World®, T.Rowe Price and Disney want to help parents talk with their kids about money and good financial habits. Believe it … [Read more...]