12 New Nonfiction Book Standouts for Kids

nonfiction kids

With nonfiction books for kids, the challenge is to create a book that is not just informative but captivating and entertaining as well. Here are twelve fantastic new books for children that do all three. Since the topics range from the right to vote to the lives of real princesses, I'm sure you'll find a wonderful book for your child's interests. Nonfiction Books for … [Read more...]

How to Support Introverted Children

tips for parenting introverted children

Introverted children, that's about one-third to one-half of the population, recharge their energy from time spent alone. (As opposed to time spent with other people.) Back-to-school time can be especially challenging for introverts. (We were so happy and comfortable at home during the summer with more control and choice over our activities. Now we're thrust into a crowded … [Read more...]

13 Places to Find a Good Book (for Kids and Adults)

13 places to look for children's and adult's book reviews

Recently a reader asked me where I find all the good books I read. What websites do I read? How do I find good books -- both for myself (an adult) and for kids. It's a good question so I thought I'd give you a behind the scenes peek at my process. And, I read a LOT -- so much that I sometimes have to stop myself and make sure I'm being present in my life. But that's another … [Read more...]

Fanciful Grammar App for Kids

Sleep Furiously grammar app for kids

Imagine your kids playing with grammar. And enjoying it. Unless you're a geeky English major like me, that probably isn't something you imagine. But I've discovered a grammar app for kids called Sleep Furiously that is goofy, funny, and 100% grammar geeky -- that my kids love. The name Sleep Furiously comes from the sentence linguist Noam Chomsky coined to demonstrate this … [Read more...]

Can Phone Obsessed Kids Develop Emotional Intelligence?

can phone obsessed kids build emotional intelligence and how

One of the worries I have for my daughter and her friends is that phones are stunting their emotional intelligence skills -- particularly in the areas of social awareness and relationship management. And it's clear that EQ is a huge predictor of personal happiness and academic success so if it's not well developed, well, that wouldn't be ideal. What's more, I imagine … [Read more...]

Tugie – Fun Coordination Game for the Family

family game night game

Tugie, a new game from the always inspiring Marbles the Brain Store, is a quick and fun fine motor skills game for the whole family. We found it to be a great family game night choice, good for lots of giggles. Tugie - Fun Coordination Game for the Family Start with the pieces on the tower. Make sure the gray is on the very top when you start. Roll the die to see which … [Read more...]

20 Inspiring Back-to-School Quotes for Kids

inspirational back to school quotes for kids

As I send my kids off to another year of school, I want them to remember who they are. I want them to know how strong they are. I want them to know that even when things are bad, they will get better. And that sometimes it's our attitude that makes the difference in a situation. Which is why I put together 20 inspiring back to school quotes for my kids and your kids. They're … [Read more...]

Table Time Learning Tablecloth

tablecloth for learning math

I'm loving the Table-Time Look & Learn “Mostly Math” learning tablecloth! Can you imagine sitting at this educational tablecloth? Your kids, ages 18 mos. to 6 years, will discover 20 fun, interactive math concepts. Table Time Learning Tablecloth for PreK - K Here's the whole picture of what's on the tablecloth . . . Look how many concepts! Sit here and you'll get … [Read more...]

Beginning Reader Apps

learning apps for beginning readers

Beginning readers need practice with strategies, phonics, and books at a just-right reading level. While I wouldn't say that the apps with provided books will teach your child to read in and of themselves, they will provide reading materials. But, others are active teaching and learning to read apps. So, here are a variety of apps for your beginning reader. Enjoy! Go here … [Read more...]

13 Sight Word Apps and 26 Alphabet and Phonics Apps

reading apps

Learning letters and letter sounds start a child's journey to reading words and these alphabet and phonics apps will help. Learning "sight words," or words to recognize at a glance, is another step. Download these sight word apps when your child is ready to learn these commonly used words. Click on the image or name of app to see or buy it in the Apple App store. Android … [Read more...]