12 Valentine’s Day Apps for Kids

Apps for Valentines

What do you know, there are Valentine's Day ipad apps for kids. From sweet stories to fun games, here are twelve apps your kids can enjoy. I Love You Too by Ziggy Marley  $2.99 Sing and play with Ziggy Marley as you explore his first children's book based off the song from his Grammy Award winning album "Family Time!" Disney Where's My Valentine? FREE Swampy and … [Read more...]

Beautiful iPad Story App: Rom and the Whale

Prince Rom lg

"Many years ago, before our parents and grandparents were born, there was a Kingdom of gypsies called Numia . . . " So begins the magical story of Prince Rom and the Whale of Dreams, an iPad picture book story app for children. In this beautifully illustrated and written story, we hear the whispers of the wind, the tinkling notes of music, and the lilting voice of a … [Read more...]

Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved App Guide for Kids

app guide for kids lg

written by Michel Kripalani, president and CEO of Oceanhouse Media So you finally caved and bought your kids an iPad or tablet for Christmas- or maybe you bought one for yourself. But have already found that your kids log far more time on it than you? You’re not alone. Now it’s time to load up the device with great apps to keep your kids swiping and tapping through the … [Read more...]

Cool New Kid InnoTab 3S Tablet with Texting and VM Capabilities #InnoTab3S

InnoTab 3S lg

Well, when SocialMoms and VTech paid me to learn more about the new V-Tech InnoTab 3S kid-friendly tablet, I was thrilled about it. I loved my kids could text me right from the tablet!! And send me voice messages. And cute artwork or stickers. If you're shopping for the holidays, read on to find out more about the VTech Kid Connect InnoTab 3S Tablet and where you can buy the … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globes with Voyzee App

Video of Snow Globe Using Voyzee

Jemma and I have been excited to try to make Christmas snow globes after we saw this cool pin from MollyMoo. Well, it didn't turn out exactly like the pin. But, it did work! Mostly. (There was a bit of leakage so I hot glued on several more layers. So it's kind of bumpy looking on the top now but we still like it.) I made a smart phone video montage of the process using a … [Read more...]

Drawp, a Unique Drawing App

Drawp Sea Art lg

Several features make Drawp - Drawing Families Closer Together, a new FREE drawing app from Moondrop Entertainment, stand out from other drawing apps. First, kids can share their artwork with up to 16 parent-approved contacts. Kids stay in the app and don't even need email addresses. Another difference is that Drawp invites artists to contribute drawing prompts, or … [Read more...]

Playful Avokiddo Apps for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Do you have a toddler or preschooler at home? You'll want to check out two new apps -- Avokiddo Emotions and Avokiddo Beck and Bo. Avokiddo Emotions In Avokiddo Emotions for ages 2+, goofy music plays as your child picks one of three silly animals -- a zebra, sheep, or giraffe. I love it's collage-like art, so bright and colorful. To play, watch the objects fall from … [Read more...]

Unique and Fun Exotic Pet Puzzler Alphabet App

Exotic Pet Puzzler Alphabet App

Ready for some new pet ideas? Because this new Exotic Pet Puzzler alphabet app* isn't your typical a for alligator alphabet app for preschoolers. See for yourself. Your child will be learning the alphabet with "exotic pets" such as: A for Axolotl C for Camel D for dragon E for Elasmosaurus M for Mammoth T for Tapir Z for Zonkey To play, pick a letter and … [Read more...]