First Day of School Treasure Hunt and Craft

First Day of School Tradition

Start a new tradition for the first day of school: a treasure hunt to find school supplies and a fun craft for at-home school supply storage. Kids from preschool to elementary can easily do this Michael's Create Your Own Back-to-School Adventure. School Supply Storage Box Supplies: white photo memory box paper glue magnetic plastic letters & numbers colored … [Read more...]

Riddle Moo This Silly Riddle Game (Giveaway)


Kids can practice deductive reasoning with 300 fun riddles and animal-sound buzzers in the new game, Riddle Moo This A Stilly Riddle Word Game, from Learning Resources. Riddle Moo This One player reads the clues for the others to guess. The first person to hit their buzzer and guess correctly wins the card. sample card: an animal a bird It says, … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Summer Boredom Busters for Kids

Kiwi Crate Nature Collection

If your kids are starting to get bored this summer, you may want a few ideas to spark new activities and creative play. You know me, I lots of favorites on my summer activity ideas for kids Pinterest board. But, here are our top ten favorites that we think you will like, too. Favorite Summer Activities for (Bored) Kids 1. Camp Crafts: Ojos de Dios, friendship bracelets, … [Read more...]

Tri-FACTa Math Facts Game Sweepstakes


Avoid the dreaded summer slide with this great addition and subtraction math facts game for kids ages six and above, Tri-FACTa. Math Facts Game: Tri-FACTa Players get six number cards. The goal is to play 2 or 3 cards to make a fact family, Players place the cards in the triangle spots on top of the other cards played. So in many cases, the player only needs to play one or … [Read more...]

The BEST Pretend Play Gift Ideas for Kids


It's getting close to Christmas - and you may need a few more quick gift ideas. Here you go. Pretend play gift ideas for kids! Pretend Play Gift Ideas for Kids Fairy Tale Finger Tattoo Puppets Fun, temporary tattoos that turn normal little fingers into finger puppets! Each pack contains 20 finger tattoos and full instructions Finger Fairytale includes: Witch, Princess, … [Read more...]

Favorite Learning Games Gift Recommendations for Kids


If you're like us, you love to find new games to play as a family. Here are a few new ideas. BRAIN BOX THE WORLD FUN!!! Meet the BrainBox where everyone shows what they can remember. Turn over a card, turn over the timer, and then memorize the card. Can you answer all of the questions about the card after only 15 seconds of looking at it? If you can, you win. … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Gift Guide: Best Children’s Books


Ok, this post is a bit long but it's worth it . . . today I'm giving you my picks for the best children's books of 2012: board books, picture books, and chapter books. Also, I've generally used the publisher's book descriptions due to time constraints. However, I've read all of these book and highly recommend them. (Some anecdotal comments are sprinkled throughout.) Best … [Read more...]

Huge Round-Up of Science and Math Gifts for Kids


Get your kids into math and science with these fun learning science and math gifts. In no particular order, my favorites for 2012 gifts . . . MY FIRST BUILD Begin building with LEGO Bricks and More DUPLO My First Build 4631 $24.99 LITTLE CIRCUIT Playing games with friends and family is great way to develop children’s social and verbal skills. And what an adorable … [Read more...]