Favorite Learning Games Gift Recommendations for Kids


If you're like us, you love to find new games to play as a family. Here are a few new ideas. BRAIN BOX THE WORLD FUN!!! Meet the BrainBox where everyone shows what they can remember. Turn over a card, turn over the timer, and then memorize the card. Can you answer all of the questions about the card after only 15 seconds of looking at it? If you can, you win. … [Read more...]

A Reader’s Gift Guide: Children’s Books


Ok, this post is a bit long but it's worth it . . . today I'm giving you my picks for the best children's books of 2012: board books, picture books, and chapter books. Also, I've generally used the publisher's book descriptions due to time constraints. However, I've read all of these book and highly recommend them. (Some anecdotal comments are sprinkled throughout.) Board … [Read more...]

Huge Round-Up of Science and Math Gifts for Kids


Get your kids into math and science with these fun learning science and math gifts. In no particular order, my favorites for 2012 gifts . . . MY FIRST BUILD Begin building with LEGO Bricks and More DUPLO My First Build 4631 $24.99 LITTLE CIRCUIT Playing games with friends and family is great way to develop children’s social and verbal skills. And what an adorable … [Read more...]

Sneak Peek at My Educational Gift Guides for Kids


As in years past of publishing learning gifts for kids, I've compiled a guide of the best educational gifts for kids -- toys, games, kits, puzzles, and so forth -- in many learning categories: writing, reading, science, math, art, and games. Since many of you have asked, I want you to have a sneak peek at ALL the learning gifts in this year's gift guide. (It's a LONG list! … [Read more...]

Free Printable Halloween Treasure Hunt

Free printable Halloween treasure hunt for kids

This weekend, you can sneak in a little reading and rhyming with this free, printable Halloween Treasure Hunt. Help younger kids with the reading and rhyming or modify the clues. Make Your Own Treasure Hunt 1. Write out the answers, in other words, where your kids will find each clue. 2. Go to Rhyme Zone and enter each answer to find rhyming words for it. 3. … [Read more...]

Living in the Moment With a Buddha Board


Are you enjoying the summer's moments? My two-week tech break wasn't totally successful but, I did cut way back. And, in the process, I found more opportunities to be present with my kids, my husband, and my friends. To just breathe. Listen. Be. Lately, I've been leaving my phone at home, turning off my emails during the day, spending the first moments of the morning with a … [Read more...]

An Author Game for Older Kids — Notable Novelists


I learned to love literature outside of school - reading books for many reasons as one does, for pleasure, escape, understanding. It always puzzled me some of the reading requirements in my high school and in my B.A. in English. Other than Shakespeare, there were few selections I actually enjoyed. (Admittedly, when choice is taken away, it's harder to enjoy the book.) Have … [Read more...]

How to Have Fun With Geography: Play Scrambled States Game


Want to get your kids excited about geography? Play The Scrambled States of America from Gamewright. It's puzzling, challenging, and fun. Two or more players take turns drawing and reading a scramble card like this one. Players look at their 5 state cards to see if they can match the scramble card's requirements. Whoever finds a match first, gets to keep that … [Read more...]