10 Minutes a Day for Long-Term Reading Success

long term reading success

Do you know what one thing you can do for your babies, toddlers and preschoolers to make them good readers? Read aloud to them EVERY day. Babies and toddlers need books, too! They especially love clever and charming board books that are interactive --lift the flap, pull the tab, flip sturdy pages. Want to see the research? There's lots of research on the … [Read more...]

Hot Off the Presses Chapter Books

A little cute kid and large number of books

I loved all of these books - from detectives to manicurists, fantasy to mystery - and I think you'll find something new and exciting for your child to read. :) Sparkle Spa: Purple Nails and Puppy Tails by Jill Santopolo (ages 7 - 10) Surprisingly, I thought this was a delightful new series. Sisters, Aly and Brooke, start their own nail business in the back room of their … [Read more...]

Host a Book Wars Party

book wars

Make reading social by reading with your friends this spring. Host a book club where each person picks what to read-- then have a BOOK WARS party. Which book will win? (dunt-dunt-dah) Hosting a Book Wars Party 1.  Decide who to invite. (Group by interest, age or gender.) 2.  Select the first book, date, time and location. For this Book Wars meeting, each child picks a book … [Read more...]

17 Book Series for Kids Who Like Junie B. Jones

books for kids who like Junie B. Jones.jpg

Last week I met with a group of parents who were reading my book to help reluctant readers, Book Love. (Yeah!) One of the moms ask me for ideas of books that were similar in reading level and interest to Junie B. Jones (which is about a first grade reading level.) I actually don't like the Junie B. books. The grammar? I just can't do it! Her sass? Hate it. BUT, lots of … [Read more...]

New iPad Literacy and Book Apps That Kids Love

Rapunzel App

You're looking for  learning apps for your kids -- apps for reading and spelling, maybe even some good book apps -- then here are some newly published gems of the app store that I recommend for your kids. Happi and the Word Thief $2.99 While you can't practice your own spelling words, you can practice spelling general words in a fun, game setting. The goal is to … [Read more...]

Irresistible Book Series for Kids

book series that kids will love

To become a reader, your child needs that one story that makes him or her fall in love with reading. That story that transports; one that he can't put down. But, finding that story can be hard. So, let me help you with some favorite books in a series you may not know about. ALL of these books are series that I've read and highly recommend. See if one will be that perfect … [Read more...]

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Book Bucks

Printable Valentine's Day Book Bucks LG

This year, I'm giving my kids Valentines' Day Book Bucks instead of stuffed animals or candy. And, I've made free printable book bucks you can easily download and print for your kids, too! Gift of Book Bucks Like most kids, my kids love to choose their own books to read. They enjoy browsing the bookstore almost as much as me. (Which is one of my favorite things EVER.) I … [Read more...]