23 Reasons to Read Printable Poster

Book Love by Melissa TaylorWhy do we read?

I spent some time thinking about this . . . and how we want our kids to read for so many reasons. Reasons such as . . .

to imagine
to understand
to dream
to discover
to meet
to empathize
to grow

. . . there are so many reasons, aren’t there?

I wrote the “23 Reasons to Read” printable poster for you, your kids, your classroom, and your friends.

Use this poster to nurture your child’s love of reading as well as your own. Consider how you can facilitate reading experiences for each of the reasons.

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*Thank you to mama-to-be artist, Linda Tieu, for her gorgeous art on this poster!! 

Now, I’m wondering, what is your favorite reason to read?


  • http://imaginationsoup.net/ Melissa Taylor


  • Danzel Bond

    I agree – I was going to say “escape,” too. ;)

  • School Sparks Renee

    Yep – it has to be “escape.” You nailed it with this poster. Love it. Renee

  • http://www.facebook.com/natalia.manago NAtalia Managó

    To fin out!

  • http://twitter.com/rajean rajean

    Great idea! Thanks!

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