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I’m excited for 2013, are you? In fact, I want to make some changes here at Imagination Soup and will need your feedback and ideas. Look for a survey next week.

Thank you to my sponsors who value education and learning like we do. Check out the special discounts below and please visit their websites and show your support.

Steve Spangler Science

Top 12 Smart Toys are Steve Spangler Science’s best science toys to put under the tree this year. Check back daily for the Steve Spangler Deal of the Day every day until the shipping deadline, Dec. 17th. Each day one of the top 12 smart toys will be offered at a significant savings.

The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

To thank the early readers, for the month of December The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will only be $3.99 on the iBookstore. Or, buy the .pdf copy for $9.95 with the code: holiday.

Arty Didact

You’ll love Arty Didact’s Useful Calendar. It includes a diverse and fairly comprehensive array of international holidays — cultural, religious, and civic — with notes on the back, and is formatted as a little deck of cards, one for each month plus a cover card about the Year of the Snake and an introductory card. Each set comes in a laminated paper pocket to carry in a purse, or with a small plastic easel to turn it into a desk calendar. It would make a very good teacher gift, especially since it is so informative. There are several different designs of pockets available.

Jolly Jingle App

Wouldn’t your kids love Christmas Carols for Kids? Sing Along Songs – Jolly Jingle is FREE for a day only, today, Dec. 8th.

The Adventures of Tempest & Serena by Marty Mokler Banks

Wild, brave Tempest wants summer to last forever. Her calm, timid sister, Serena, can’t wait for the start of the new school year. On the first day, Tempest decides to skip fourth grade, seek adventure by using magic to sprout wings, and fly away to exotic places. As she waves good-bye, Serena promises to save her sister’s seat on the bus. Will Tempest make it home? Can Serena keep her promise? As each sister battles bullies, disasters, and loneliness, they discover they’re more alike than they know. The Adventures of Tempest & Serena is that rare mix: a suspenseful yet charming chapter book for ages 7 and up.

Look Out Larry App

Look Out Larry is a delightful animated storybook app that is totally interactive, requiring readers to warn Larry with a poke or touch a scary snake with a magic wand. It’s only $2.99.

And, for great free apps from the same company — Lazy Larry Lizard and Pre-School Playtime.


 Welcome November Sponsors

Go here to shop these complex works of dot-to-dot art.


iPad Sequence 03 Welcome November Sponsors

Visit the Magic Belle’s Super Stories section which includes very cute animated stories that users love or visit the Magic Belles in the App Store.


999 100 Welcome November Sponsors953 100 Welcome November Sponsors

Off the Floor offers storage solutions for clutter.  Free shipping for the holidays – no code required. 


300 x 250 get published Welcome November Sponsors

If you’ve been wanting to write a book — do it, it’s time. Michael Hyatt’s new Get Published Now series will give you the tools you need to get published. (Affiliate link.) It’s fantastic and will give you everything you need.

Children’s Hospital Never Shake a Baby

Crying Happens. Shaking a Baby Can’t.

Babies cry, sometimes a lot. Not only is it normal, it’s healthy.

As frustrating or overwhelming as that crying may be, shaking a baby is never an option. Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is a leading cause of trauma death for children under the age of two in Colorado. So when your baby cries, you need a plan and resources. Go to Calm a Crying Baby for information.

Book Love: Help Your Child Grow From Reluctant to Enthusiastic Reader

What if you could get your reluctant reader to love books? 
Kids don’t like to read for 4 big reasons:
– too tricky
– too blurry
– too boring
– too sitty
Discover why your child doesn’t like to read. And what to do about it. Then turn it into Book Love!

 Welcome November Sponsors

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