Spooky Halloween Science

You know Steve Spangler, the cool science guy that does The Ellen Show and makes things explode? His Spangler Science store can give your kids a Spooky Science Halloween!

Halloween Science

Spooky HALLOWEEN Science

Vampire Veins

Create your own Halloween Heat Sensitive Worms and Vampire Veins — worms that are greenish on the outside and reddish on the inside. Ooooh, gross!

Halloween science

Atomic Worms

Another fun Halloween science activity is Spangler’s Atomic Worms that glow in the dark with a black light.

(I now thing every kid needs a black light — so cool. I include myself in that kid category. I was THRILLED to get my own!!)

Halloween science

Vampire Slime

Then try the goopiest, ghastlist Vampire Slime. Think green and red, thick and oozy. Great for Halloween parties!

Halloween science


Would your kids love to do these Halloween science experiments for their Halloween class parties? You can order a Halloween Kit or the Slime Factory.

Steve Spangler Rocks

Halloween science

I got to try all this fun science with the man himself — and some awesome blogger friends. (I’m in the blue and white shirt.)

What cool science would your kids love for Halloween?

(*Don’t miss Steve Spangler’s book, Fire Bubbles & Exploding Toothpaste.)

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