Start a Summer Book Club for Kids

It’s not too late to start a book club for kids. Pick a short book and schedule a book club time. Think of it like a back-to-school play date with friends.

Book Clubs for Kids

Book Clubs for Kids

Summer Book Club 

PBS Kids and iVillage gave me no excuses not to host a book club for my daughter and her friends. They sent me this box packed with Marty McGuire books, Word Girl notebooks, pencils, Electric Company activity books, stickers, coloring pages, and more goodies. THANKS PBS Kids and iVillage!!

We loved the book, Marty McGuire –  it was perfect for second grade girls!
Book Clubs for Kids

Steps to Starting a Book Club

Step 1. Invite Friends.
Send the date, time, book selection, and why you’re hosting — for fun and socialization!

Step 2. Read the Book.
We read the book together which was fun!

Step 3: Think of Questions.
Think of a few simple questions to ask the other book club kids. (Favorite part? Funniest part?) Starting the book club meetings with easy questions makes it win-win.

Step 4: Reminder Email.

Step 5: Buy Food and Beverages.
Desserts, appetizers, juice, water, and wine.

Step 6: Book Club Time!
Spend just a short time as a book club group. Let the host kid ask the questions. This should be very easy, fun, and light-hearted.  Then, after your discussion, let the kids eat snacks and play.

Book Clubs for Kids

In our discussion, the girls wore a Cat in the Hat hat when sharing. It got very silly!

And everyone had a great time —

“Thank you SO much again for tonight. L and I had such a great time.”

“We had fun at the book club.”

“I believe it to be a great success for many first time book clubbers!”

Incidentally, my daughter didn’t want to do the book club. At. All. But, I made her. We were hosting after all!! Fortunately, she had a blast. I think that will usually happen if the book club is lots of fun, don’t you?

Book Clubs for Kids

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  1. says

    My kids say that their book club is their absolute favorite activity and it does make they excited to read more!

    I have a post on how I set our Book Club for Kids up here:

    All my posts on our actual book clubs are here:

    I hope this inspires you to set up a book club for your kids. It’s fun and it can be easy too!

  2. Laura Resau says

    Thanks for this, Melissa! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while with my young son. This is the motivation I need– I’ll make it happen! Since my son (age 6) likes dramatic stuff, I was thinking about seeing if the kids were interested in acting out a scene from the book.

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