Moshi Moshi Kawaii and Moshi Monsters – Books and DIY

Do your kids know about Moshi Monsters and Moshi Moshi Kawaii? I’m recommending them to you for your boys and girls ages 6 – 10.

(If my Internet research is correct, moshi means “good luck charm” and kawaii means “cute” in Japanese.)

Moshi Books and Magazine

Our favorite Moshi are the Moshi Moshi Kawaii. They’re Japanese search-and-find books with cute little oval creatures (mostly bunnies) called Moshis, no two alike. JJ loves these books.

We just got the newest line of books, the activity books (Strawberry Princess Moshi’s Activity Book) which have coloring pages, puzzles, stickers, mazes and other fun activities. (Also Strawberry Moshi Activity Book.)


Then there’s the different version of Moshi, the Moshi Monsters, with a Moshi Monsters magazine, based on the popular Moshi Monsters website,. Read a free issue here. (Much to my daughter’s disappointment, we don’t subscribe to the online gaming site so I can’t comment on its value or lack there of.)

Also in the Moshi Monster series is the Moshi Monsters Super Search, a densely packed puzzle book we enjoy – especially in the car.

DIY Moshi Moshi Kawaii Paper Dolls

This weekend we decided to make our own Moshi paper dolls to dress up.

To get the Moshi shape, we used an oval snack container, traced around it on thick card stock, and added ears.

Then we traced half of the oval to get a template for the clothes, and added tabs.

We decorated and cut out the Moshi clothes.

Besides coloring with marker, we also made clothes with Washi tape.

Cute and fun!

Make and Draw Moshi Monsters

Here are step by step tutorials for drawing Moshi Monsters and a tutorial for drawing Poppet.

Do you have Perler Beads? Make Moshi Monsters with them.

Color or trace these Moshi Monsters.

Are Your Kids Moshi Fans?

Moshi Moshi books and paper dolls


  1. says

    Sadly my girls have outgrown Hello Kitty and other Kawaii characters. Some adults love this style of graphic design so maybe they will have a reversal of attitude later in life!

  2. says

    Love the paper dolls!! We have one of the look-and-find books and have been on the Moshi monsters website but didn’t know about the activity books, thanks for sharing!

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