(Don’t?) Close Your Eyes – YouTube Safety for Kids

YouTube offers great and not-so-great video options. Recently a reader asked me how to make YouTube videos safe for her kids. Because even if she was watching a safe video, the sidebar videos weren’t always appropriate and the comments were full of profanity. So here are some YouTube safety guidelines.

YouTube Safety for Kids

You might wonder why we’d want to watch You Tube at all. Well, where else could I show my kids about flamenco dance? Or the history of LEGO? Or other favorites like . . .

–> an animated short,”Partly Cloudy
–> Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, Edith Piaf
–> Animaniacs “Nations of the World” (probably not a legal copy)
–> Pete the Cat “I Love My White Shoes” ?

So, parents, I’ve collected wisdom from you (thanks to Facebook and Twitter) to keep your kids safe on You Tube and answer the question – how to keep kids safe on YouTube. This doesn’t replace supervision or education about online safety but hopefully will help . . .

You Tube Alternatives

youtube safety for kids
1. Zui

Margaret Sanchez recommended Zui.comvideos for kids. I wondered if I could get LEGO videos or videos from my favorite Hippo and Dog French cartoons.

Zui Search: LEGO
I found LEGO club show but not any episodes of LEGO Ninjago or Star Wars.

Zui Search: Hippo and Dog
I found a few. Nothing in French yet. Here’s Hippo and Dog Singing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight“.

It’s not commercial free. McDonalds advertises. But that’s so much better than some of the commercials on You Tube!

Zui’s Top Video Picks for 8/27

So Complicated by Anna Graceman
Choreography with Jordan Jansen
Baby Just Wants a Million Bucks
12 Creative Skateboarding Tricks

youtube safety for kids
2. Watch Known Learn – Free K-12 educational videos

Thanks to Ms. Carmon Brooks’ Tutoring for recommending Watch Know Learn.

Watch Know Learn search: LEGO
No LEGO animation but there are LEGO educational videos like how to build a LEGO robot.

Watch Know Learn search: Hippo and Dog
Yes! Hippo and Dog brushing their teeth! (Umm, you’re questioning my taste right about now aren’t you?)

Home Page Videos

Nations of the World: Yakko’s World
Magic Math for 7’s Multiplication
Electricity Song from School House Rock
Gettin’ Triggy Wit It (WSHS Math Rap Song)

youtube safety for kids
3. Zoodles

Zoodles is a free add-on app for your computer, tablet, and phone. It can block ads and characters, promote subjects, record stories, and more. Thanks Sumner Hernandez for sharing this resource.

4. iPad Kid Videos: Gube and Weet Woo

is an iPad app for $3.99 that provides kid-friendly videos. Thank you Niamh Ni Mhochoir for the suggestion.

Weet Woo
is another iPad app for kids’ educational videos. Thank you to Naomi Scearce and Sarah Mason Wren for this.

YouTube Safety

1. YouTube Security Filter

Did you know there’s a safety filter? Me, neither. Rainell Hernandez gave me tip about the article explaining about the safety lock at the bottom of the page, thanks, Rainell! So far, it seems to be working, too.

2. Quietube

Watch videos on YouTube, Viddler, and Vimeo without comments by installing Quietube. Once installed, you can click on the Quietube bookmark to watch “in peace.” However, when I clicked it, my screen went blank. Hmmm. Maybe skip this one.

3. YouTube for Schools

YouTube for Schools lets schools safely watch thousands of educational videos, says the website. Only school admins and teachers can log in, not students. And, all comments are disabled (good!) as well as related videos are only EDU videos (also good).


  1. deedee0 says

    Re the safety filter, it seems to filter sex well enough as well as profanity in comments, but we still have issues with profanity in the videos themselves (had some issues with Minecraft walkthroughs), and also homemade cartoons that feature violence. I wanted to flag some videos but there is no option for reporting profanity.

  2. kaesmom says

    My son likes to watch videos of various things like marble runs that people have created, kids playing miniature golf, or kids doing the stacking cups thing. In general, they’re fine. But every so often we’ll come across one where one of the people IN the video swears. I can’t figure out how to flag those videos so they don’t come up any more.

    At least turning on the safety mode limits what he can see on the side bar. Thank you for that!


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