Writing Idea: Say It, Play It, Write It

Sometimes your kids need help with writing idea development. So grab a stuffed animal, tell a story, pretend play the story, then write it down!

Writing Idea Development

It’s the best way to get young writers writing fluently because once they’ve said and played the story, they’re primed to write it . . . already knowing what they want to say.

writing idea development


So, pick a favorite stuffed animal or several.

Make up a story with your plush toy.

Use your props around the house. Does your toy need anything in the kitchen? What about mittens and gloves?

Help your child by encouraging him to think of a problem and solution. Good stories need both.


Act out your story with your stuffed animals. Change it and make it better as you go.

writing idea development


Write down your story. Illustrate with pop-ups, collages, or water colors.

writing idea development



Imagine Toys is generously offering the Woodours (French for wood bears) Papa and Baby Bear set to one Imagination Soup reader valued at $49.95. Leave a comment and tell us your child’s favorite stuffed animal by July 16, 2012.The beautiful French Woodours Papa and Baby Bear play set grows with kids from toddlers to elementary school kids. By entering this sweepstakes, you agree to Imagination Soup’s official sweepstakes rules. No purchase necessary. Open to individuals in U.S. only, 18 years of age or older, void where prohibited. Winner chosen at random.

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  1. Gennie says

    My little darling is attached to his linus blanket…he seeks it out when he is sleepy throws it on the floor and dives head first into it!

  2. Shaena says

    My child loves her stuffed heart pillow. Its a pillow but it beats like a real heart. My child cant sleep without it. I actually think it helps her fall asleep.

  3. Christina says

    My son has a favorite gorilla that he has named BunkBed. He named his gorilla BunkBed back when he was longing for his very own actual bunk bed to sleep in. BunkBed has many fierce and boy-like adventures with his boy. He lives on my son’s pillow with a sock monkey named Mr. Magorium and a sheep dog named Hachiko.

  4. Sheri L. says

    A little lamb stuffed animal that is also a blanket :) She calls it Boo Boo because when she was little we used to play peek-a-boo with her and boo boo sort of stuck. Now she totes it all over the place with her and snuggles up with it at night!

  5. Charlotte says

    My daughter’s favorite stuffed doll is Snow White & she rotates with the stuffed animals. My son’s is a creeper I made for him.

  6. Melissa B says

    We are a “beary” family – my daughter’s favorite is her teddy bear and my son’s is a koala bear.

  7. says

    Both of my boys have a “build a bear” style pet that they made themselves when they were a little over 2. One is a leopard and the other is a penguin. My daughter has not yet made hers and really hasn’t shown an affinity to any one stuffed animal.

  8. debbie jackson says

    breas favorite is a stuffed wolf with little red riding hood debbie jackson,
    devyjackson at hotmail dot com

  9. says

    What I cute set! My kids love stuffed animals – we would love to win. Also, I love the idea of using the animals for creating an illustrated story. Favorites (this week anyway) for my daughter a puppy and my son a penguin. Thanks for the chance!

  10. says

    Dot’s favorite stuffed animal is Bunny Bunny, who has been with us since before Dot’s birth. He’s very worn out now, and holds a very special, and safe, place on the Closet Shelf.

  11. says

    Very cute bears! My son’s favorite stuffed animal is “Buddy” the shark. We got him at the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s gift shop. He likes to sleep with him under one arm. He got a stuffed frog which he named “Froggy”. He sleeps with him under his other arm. :-)

  12. Tanya M says

    My both kids LOVE hedgehogs and owls. They each have their own collections of them.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  13. Andrea Gardner says

    Each kid has a favorite (stuffies are very beloved in our house).
    #1: His penguins (he is very fair and refuses to pick a favorite but he does rotate through them)

    #2: His bunnies (they are all the same blanket type animal from when he was a baby) They all look alike but have different names and he loves them all. Fluffy and Cowboy are his favorite but I have no clue how he tells them apart

    #3: Tie between stuffed Nemo and musical Lulla Bunny (from the Suzi’s Zoo collection)

    #4: a little pink pig called Pig 😉

  14. Mandy says

    A classic sock monkey steals the hearts of my littles. We take and write about his many adventures- ala “Uncle Traveling Matt”


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