How to Spark Your Own Creativity (in Parenting and Life)

The Alphabet Glue e-magazine reminds me that surrounding myself with creativity makes me better — a better parent, artist, writer. When I see ideas on Pinterest, they often spark other ideas. Or, when I’m talking to my husband about the seed of an idea, the two of us get something more amazing. Or, when I’m reading a creative literacy-themed magazine like Alphabet Glue, it sparks more creative project ideas than before I read it.

Annie Riechmann, mother, blogger at Bird and Little Bird, artist, and teacher, writes that her magazine, Alphabet Glue, is “activities and inspiration for kids who love books and their grown-ups too.”

Which is what it does for me — inspires.

Get to Know Alphabet Glue

What IS Alphabet Glue?

. . . a downloadable e-magazine for families who love books.

. . . ideas for families to incorporate creativity, imagination and all things literary into their everyday routines.

What’s IN Alphabet Glue?

. . . leveled reading lists, bookmaking tutorials, storybuilding activities and hands-on projects that complement favorite titles in children’s literature.

. . . whimsical graphics that adorn each page like flowers in the spring or mushrooms in the fall.

. . . bookmaking – how to make an accordion book bracelet.. . . a DIY detective kit with secret code cards.

. . . bookmarks for sharing your favorite books.

. . . easy shrinky–dink snow globes.

. . . storytelling “cootie catchers” (my current favorite activity!)

. . . backyard bug boxes.

. . . a story bunting.

Download a Hands-On Project: Make a Story Bunting
(see photo below)

Download and print how to make a story bunting, one of my favorite activities from Alphabet Glue. This just makes me so inspired to think of lots of other bunting ideas and story ideas.

Buy Alphabet Glue
Get 15% off any issues for the rest of the month of June by entering soup” at checkout.

Get to Know Annie Riechmann

Favorite parenting book? 
Everyday Blessings by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

How did you start blogging? 
I started blogging mostly as a way to make it easy for me to catalog craft projects and to share them with my mom.

How did you go from blogging to writing an e-Zine?
I often wrote about children’s literature –what I was reading with my daughter or with my students. I also starting posting some tutorials about bookmaking projects to do with children as a way to integrate art, storytelling and writing. Alphabet Glue naturally evolved.

How’s it going with Alphabet Glue?
I don’t think that I ever expected that the magazine would be so well received and so wholeheartedly supported, so I am intensely grateful for that!

Share Your Creativity Stories

I’m hoping you’ll be as inspired by the creativity in Alphabet Glue as me.

Have you ever had an experience where you got a creative idea because of something you read or saw? What was it?


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    Visiting from Pragmatic Mom’s Friday Find: Group Hug for My Mommy Blogging Tribe post today! So glad I stopped by! This e-magazine sounds right up my alley – can’t wait to check it out and going to subscribe to your site!

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