How to Host a Mo Willem’s Book Club For One or More Friends

Host a Mo Willems Book Club for Kids!

If you’re like us, and I think you are, you love Mo Willems and want to have a book clubfor kids  all about his books. And Pigeon. Well, Pigeon has a new book!! Starring Duckling. (Who???)

I know. Pigeon isn’t going to like that, is he?

Let’s all watch this brief Duckling Gets a Cookie!? news update.

In the book, Duckling Gets a Cookie!? (notice the punctuation), Duckling asks for a cookie. Politely. Which he gets. But that’s just the beginning.

Pigeon feels very, very, very upset that Duckling gets a cookie and not him. (It’s so unfair!)

I ask for things ALL THE TIME!

I ask to drive the bus!
I ask for hot dog parties!
Do I ask for candy? I Do.
It doesn’t have to be a big bus, y’ know . . . .
I’ll ask for a “French Fry  Robot” every now and then.
I’ve asked for a walrus!
Right now I’m asking, “Why?”
Why? WHY? WHY? 

Book Clubs for Kids

Kids easily relate to the unfairness of this tragic cookie story.

Only it’s not over yet. Now how will kids feel when Duckling gives the cookie to Pigeon?

This story will give you lots to talk about.

Mmmm . . . ! -> Chomp!<-
That is one cool
duckling. ->Chomp!<-
Yes, sir! 

The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? Book Club Party

Invite friends to a Book Club Party.

Read the book aloud to the group. Discuss the book’s big ideas. Have kids either take turns to share or tell a partner.
– When is a time when something unfair happened to you?
– What do you do when you are mad? Do you act like pigeon?
– Have you ever had a friend who you shared something with?

Play games. Download this free Duckling Gets a Cookie!? event kit from Willem’s website for fun book activities and games. You’ll play games like Duck, Duck, Pigeon, Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? and Hot Cookie.

The Duckling Gets a Cookie? Parent-Child Activities

Make cookies with your child. Practice using your best, most polite manners while you’re cooking and eating.

Download the free Duckling Gets a Cookie!? event kit for Pigeon and Duckling coloring pages, maze, and a manners matching game.

Learn how to draw Pigeon. Willems shows you how on the Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App iPad app. Here’s JJ’s interpretation of the directions.
Book Clubs for Kids

Make up your own “Don’t Let the Pigeon” story. What will you NOT let him do? (sky-dive? paint the house? get a trampoline?)

Read the story with your child. Pick who reads what part. I always get to be Pigeon and JJ always gets to be Duckling.

Thanks to Toddler Approved for organizing an online Mo Willems’ book club. Every blogger below shares their favorite Mo Willems’ book and related activities. Enjoy!!


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    I think this Duckling gets a cookie is perfect book for my kids. I will purchase a copy of this. Thanks for sharing other books from Mo Willems’ books. I will check them also.

  2. says

    Pigeon is back, with all his tantrums that make kids laugh out loud!!

    My kids(one is 8 and other is 6) love this book! I think apart fro Pitbull the name they are most familiar with now a days is Mo WIllems!

    Honestly they are great books because they allow the children to interact with them. I just love how adults can learn from this one, too.

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    We love pigeon books! All of these activity ideas sound like so much fun… especially since the duckling ones could involve cookies- my favorite!! I will have to check that book out. Thanks so much for joining the Mo Willems blog hop this month!!

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    Fun ideas! I will print out those fun activities this afternoon for us to do later this week! I think this is one of my fave pigeon books. (Although it is really hard to choose). I have a 22 and a 20 year old sister. They were over at our house last week and I read the book to them while my children were napping! The three of us were laughing so hard…at the book, and at the fact that 3 adult women were snuggled up on the couch reading a kids book while the kids slept.

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