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How was your week!? Mine was a whirlwind of freelance assignments and new projects. It’s exciting to reach a tipping point. In fact, many of you have written to ask me how I transitioned from teacher to writer so I will blog about that soon. 

Hope you find these articles useful — enjoy the weekend!

Won’t someone come out and play? (my guest post) on Kaboom

Puzzle Play Helps Boost Learning Math-Related Skills from ScienceDaily

Fine Motor Skills from Rainbows Within Reach

-round-up fine motor skill ideas.

Play Time — a round-up of articles on play from Psychology Today

Teaching Kids to Advocate for Themselves from Play. Fight. Repeat.

Suzita applies lessons from Getting More: How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World, by Stuart Diamond with her kids and shares 5 ways to build self-advocacy.


Amazing playgrounds in Denmark and The Worlds Most Amazing Playgrounds from Kid Crave and PBS Parents

(waaaay cool . . .)

Curating Children’s Digital Content from Wired

It’s so hard to find apps in the Apple store, right? This article discusses who is researching, filtering, and sharing digital technologies.

This is What Math Learning Looks Like (in Preschool) from Teacher Tom

Creating Students’ Survival Guide to the Web from Mind/Shift

a good article with lots of links about teaching Netiquette and teaching students how to search and find trustworthy Web sites.

TOP PHOTO: Creative Commons Flicker Môsieur J.

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  1. Cynthia says

    Love this post! Melisa, you alwways present such an inspiring spectrum of information! The Kaboom guest post rocked– yes keep going!, you are a leader in healthy living Lucky daughters, lucky us!
    Also, the other links were awesome–the PsychologuToday articles were perfect timing for me. I felt so validated about how I LOVE to spend my time (in everything from dancing to prayingand sitting in silence to studying). These will be helpful articles to share with others and apply in a project I’m involved with–the team is experiencing resistance to its goals and I believe infusing a good dose of playfulness will be a nice remedy. Thanks Melissa!

  2. says

    Thanks a gazillon for including my post on all things “Fine Motor — as those skills lead to FINE Arts!” I’ve had a great time developing the series and will be continuing it into the future!

    Thanks for bringing additional readership to the topic!

    Debbie Clement


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