Easy Kid Writing Idea: Pop-Up Book

Combining art with writing often motivates children to write. I’ve tried different pop-ups with my classes and found the easiest pop-up technique is criss-crossing strips of paper.

How to Make a Pop-Up

1. Cut two long identical strips of paper. Put one end on top of the other end so they make an “L” shape.

2. Fold the bottom strip up and over the top strip. Now the bottom strip will be on the top. The shape is still an “L”.

3. Continue criss-crossing the strips of paper over each other until you have created an interlocking springy pile. (Or whatever you want to call it.)

4. Draw a picture, cut it out and attach with tape to the top of the springy papers (I know, I’m such a word-smith.)

How to Write a Pop-Up Book

Help your child think of a simple story – what characters? what will happen? where will it be?

Artist tip: For kids who don’t like the drawing part, use stencils for your pop-up art.

Write a story at the bottom third of the pages in blank book. (Make your own or buy one at a education store.) Use a picture book as an example.

The illustrations and pop-ups will be in the top two-thirds of each page.

Read and Reread Your Story!

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