New Christmas and Chanukah Books for Kids

Do you love to read about Christmas or Chanukah with your kids? Me, too! Here are my favorite newly published books about each holiday.

New Christmas and Chanukah Books for Kids

New Christmas and Chanukah Books for Kids

The Third Gift by Linda Sue Park illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

A boy watches his father gather “tears” of resin from the trees. The tears had many uses, for medicine, flavoring wine, for funerals to oil the body. One day in the market, three men in fine robes are looking to buy one more gift – they already have bought gold and frankincense. Now, they’re buying myrrh as the third gift to give a baby. I loved learning about myrrh, I never knew what it was before! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, this is a fascinating read.

New Christmas and Chanukah Books for Kids

Bad Kitty Christmas by Nick Bruel

In the Bad Kitty style of alphabetized antics, Bad Kitty destroys the gifts and the decorations. So when kitty runs away and is found by a little old lady whose only friends are photos on her Christmas tree, we are delighted to discover that Bad Kitty isn’t always bad after all. Bad Kitty knows what she must do. It’s a heart-warming, Christmas-spirit ending.

New Christmas and Chanukah Books for Kids

A Christmas Cookbook: Simple Recipes for Kids by Sarah L. Schuette

Hooray for a cookbook that lives up to the title! By that I mean, these actually are simple recipes. For example, the Stuffed Sleigh Sammies add chicken chunks, cheddar cheese, tomato slices, shredded lettuce and ranch dressing to a pita bread pocket. Easy, right? Also, on the yummy and decorative side is a recipe for popcorn garlands! Easy, with plenty of kid-appeal.

New Christmas and Chanukah Books for Kids
Chanukah Lights 
by Michael Rosen and Robert Sabuda

This book is a work of art! Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe the sensations and feelings this paper art evokes in the reader. Chanukah’s Lights is about the history of the Jewish people as they search for a homeland and rebuild their communities told through the lens of Chanukah, the Festival of Lights. Jewish and secular critics haven’t loved the book’s text but I don’t feel qualified to critique the text since I don’t know much about the history of Chanukah. Read a review in The New York Times and a review from Yoeitzdrian!

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What are your favorite Christmas or Hanukkah books?

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    I’ve just come across the Third Gift and thing it is another great book from Linda Sue Park.

    I don’t know Bad Kitty, but definitely feel we need to meet!

    And yes, kids cookbooks need to be simple!

    I am a Rosen fan, so imagine I would enjoy this. Thanks for adding the NYT review!

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    I don’t any of these books but now I really want Linda Sue Park’s book … I am a huge fan of her work! Thanks for the heads up on the The Third Gift. It’s now on my wish list!


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