This Holiday Season, Shop Small. Buy Local.

Guest post by mompreneur and blogger, Jenny Ford.

I admit, I am not always an angel when it comes to shopping at local venues (unless we’re talking the local Target?), but as I thought deeper and deeper about it, it comes down to – they’re keeping my company, Monkey Toes, in business!  Yes, a little small business of children’s shoes, is being supported by those boutiques which in turn need your consumer support (aka, cash money) to survive.

So this year I’ve already had the conversation with my husband – when and where we can, we will be holiday shopping local boutiques.  I’m committing to it and so should you.  Why?

·         Your dollars keep the community full of thriving businesses and shopping centers looking pretty – ghost towns are ugly.

·         You’re not only helping the boutique owners, but you’re keeping small businesses (the actual products), like mine, thriving too.  The smaller boutiques don’t ask us to give them discounts, they pay a normal and fair wage for it, which keeps everyone happy.

·         You are reinforcing the value of taking the leap of faith and becoming a business owner. Entrepreneurship is hard, folks, go give them a pat on the back.

·         Even though sometimes you may spend a little teenie bit more than said box stores, your generating good karma.

I hope you’ll join myself and my family in supporting small business and shopping local.  If there is something you cannot find locally, go ask your favorite store to carry it – they love hearing from their customers.

Happy local shopping and Happy Holidays!

~ Jenny

Jenny Ford is the owner of Monkey Toes Shoes, and editor/founder of Sugar Loco.  She lives in Denver Colorado with her family.

 Colorado Event Notice: Meet Jenny and her Monkey Toes at Little Feet & More on Small Business Saturday (November 26, 2011) in Cherry Creek North in Denver, CO.

Connect with Jenny Ford on Facebook and Twitter.

Small Business Saturday is November 26.

The 2nd annual Small Business Saturday® is November 26, 2011, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. If you Shop Small at your favorite local stores, you will help fuel the economy. When we all shop small, it will be huge. Take the Shop Small pledge on Facebook


Note from Melissa: 

Here’s the deal. If we want our economy to change, we must do MORE than complain or hold up signs. We must change our behavior. You must change your behavior. I must change mine.

Right now.

Not next year.

Stop buying from Amazon and Walmart – I know it’s tempting because it’s so easy and cheap, I get that. But, as long as we support big business, we are continuing the cycle we’re in and nothing will change. Let’s commit to shop local — at independent bookstores, toy shops, and businesses. I’m taking the shop small pledge. Will you join me?

I’ll be publishing several gift guides throughout the next week and I want you to use them. — I want you to share them with your kids (instead of the Target ads.) I want you to visit the links and discover new, small businesses online. And, I want you to find unique gifts that support and encourage learning and play!

This month is a time for thankfulness, and I am deeply thankful for our country, and for entrepreneurs like Jenny who invent wonderful products and work hard to make them available to us. Join me in supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

~ Melissa  


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    Great blog post! I think we could all use a reminder that small business is the backbone of our country. Supporting them supports our towns and cities and makes them better places to live.

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    I love this message! It’s especially important for independent book store owners and I am guilty as anyone for buying through Amazon. I will try to do better this holiday season and shop locally. Thank you for this wonderful holiday and political message. We vote with our wallets. We make change with it too!

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    I think this is wonderful that you are sharing this as an option to your readers. We are trying to do our part on our website too. We’ve been gathering submissions from makers of handmades we will be sharing the first week in December. It’s something I’ve shopped and done for with our family for years; but I think isn’t sometimes the first thing some think of to do when they are doing holiday shopping. I’m happy you are encouraging this way of giving!


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