I Love the Word Pajaggle, and the Game, Too

It’s so much fun to say the word, Pajaggle; about as much fun as it is to play the actual children’s game! And, while you’re having fun, you’re learning because you’re improving spacial skills and memory. (Good thing this is for all ages because God knows I need to work on my memory.)

Pajaggle is a board with 61 differing shaped sockets; each socket matches a corresponding colorful (yellow) playing piece. It’s tricky, believe me! But, in a good way.

Pajaggle Game Ideas

FUN! You can just play for fun and try to fit the pieces back into the sockets.

RACE! Time yourself and race against the clock or other players’ times.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Divide up the pieces evenly and race to see who can fit their pieces in first.

STEPPING STONES. Insert pieces to make a path across the board – first one to do so successfully wins.

BLINDFOLD TIMER! Blindfolded see how many pieces you can fit on the board in 5 minutes.

Go to the Pajaggle site for MORE GAMES.

Wow! I just remembered I need to water the plants . . .

See? It’s working already.

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  1. says

    My kids would love this. Looks perfect for kids with visual memories. I will pit my oldest against my youngest because they would both love it (and it would give them something to do in common that bridges their 5 year age gap).


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