Even More Educational Apps

Upcoming holiday travels with kids might require a few new iPad apps, preferably educational ones, right? Here are the latest educational apps the girls and I recommend.

Educational Apps

Educational Apps
Scribblenaut Remix 

I think this is our favorite educational app yet! It’s such a clever concept. To solve the puzzles in each scene and level, you need to imagine what your player needs. Then, you type that in — and voila! it appears! So, you might type in dinosaur or hammer. It’s great for spelling, writing, imagination, and problem solving!
Educational Apps
Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This App

You might think that this is a book app but it’s not. It’s a creative storytelling app. Basically, kids create their own stories with either the Egg, Chick, or Big Pigeon. Then, the bus driver asks the kids questions which are recorded. Later, the main character and the recorded answers become a unique, new story. It turns out so cute – very funny as you might expect.
Educational Apps

Where’s my Water?

A cute alligator wants to take his bath – you have to get the water to him with varying degrees of difficulty – or he’ll sob and sob. (Which is hilarious.)

Educational Apps

Where’s Waldo?

This is similar to the Waldo books; my kids aren’t interested in this yet but it seems engaging with lots of activities.
Educational Apps

Memory Game: Multiplication
Another way to practice math facts.

Educational Apps

Math Showdown: Multiplication
Timed math tests in a western setting.
Educational Apps

iDress for Weather
We check this in the mornings to get the day’s high and low, the current temperature, and suggestions for what to wear.
Gives you a mostly accurate weather forecast and suggestions for clothing.

Book Apps

Educational Apps
Tacky Goes to Camp

I love the Tacky stories and, as usual, Oceanhouse Media did a fantastic job adapting the picture book for the iPad.

Educational Apps
Millie Was Here: Meet Millie – FREE

We think this book is hilariously cute! JJ has read it so many times, she can recite it by heart. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is. Really funny story about Millie and her love of bacon. More from Millie: The Lost Key and Millie’s Book of Tricks and Treats.
Educational Apps

Sir Charlie Stinky Socks and the Really Big Adventure

To summarize, this iPad book gives readers fantastic graphics, it’s easy to navigate with great sound effects, and I love the expressive narrator!

This charming, not-scary story is about Sir Charlie Stinky Socks, a young boy, and his trusty cat, Envelope. Sir Charlie seeks adventure so adventures he finds. First, he tames the beasties –with sandwiches! Then, he befriends the fire-breathing dragon — he just needed some water. Finally, he goes off to investigate a little wooden door at the bottom of a tower. There  he finds a princess. As it turns out, The princess is very sad because no one ever comes to her birthday party. Lucky for her, Sir Charlie Stinky Socks has a group of friends (the beasties and dragon) who are already there to attend the party. It’s a happily ever after and a well-conceived iPad book app.
Educational Apps

Journey Into the Deep: Discovering New Ocean Creatures by Reecca L. Johnson

Beautiful photography immediately hooked 9-year old AJ but the text is not easy. However, it’s rich with information so is a great resource. All the pages have a dot you can tap for even more information about the photograph.

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    It seems you max out the potential of your ipad. A few posts back you featured the artist’s brush for the ipad too—you discover all the latest and greatest to use with your pad. I still have not adapted the use of a cell phone; and I signed up for my first e-mail account three years…after my parents (we still grind our own grain to bake sometimes too)! But when I do adopt an ipad, and one day I may (after all, I can’t even imagine not having an e-mail account now), I will for sure know where to come to get all the latest and greatest apps and ipad add-ons. You know your ipad stuff; and you share many helpful educational apps with your readers.

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    Hmm. I’m struggling with whether to get the Kindle Fire or an iPad. I could get a lot of applications for my toddler here. It’s not a rush, so I’m going to look back at some of your previous posts, too. Thanks. I’ve been following your blog for a bit. I don’t really comment that much, but do appreciate your content. Thank you.

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      glad you said hello, Stacy! I admit, our iPad is mostly for the kids although my husband reads lots of different newspapers on it –so at least one adult uses it! Good luck with the decision. :)

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    Try out the app -timed math- it is good for practicing math facts. It includes flash cards and a timed test. It is also fully customizable.


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