Typing Programs for Kids

2013 UPDATED Recommendations:

Most of the programs below are outdated for my Mac so here are some of my new suggestions:

Keyboarding Games (free online) from Learning Games for Kids

Typing Games from Slime Kids (free online)

ABCya Typing Game (free online)

Fun to Type (free online)

Type Kids (not free – $49.95)

. . .

This summer on the Imagination Soup Facebook Page, a video of J.K. Rowlings typing at super-fast speed started a conversation about teaching kids to type. Twitter and Facebook friends offered suggestions of their children’s favorite typing programs. Here they are: typing programs for kids recommended by readers.

BBC Dancemat Typing School

Dance Mat Typing is a free BBC program that many readers recommend.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Kidz

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is a computer program that retails for $29.99. Also, try Mavis Beacon’s Keyboarding Kidz for $19.99. Play the Mavis Beacon FREE typing game.

Typing Instructor for Kids sells for $5.45 at Amazon.

Jumpstart Typing

Jumpstart Typing is $12.99 at Amazon.

Garfield’s Typing Pal

Typing Pal is a free, basic typing course but for a more kid-friendly program, you can buy Garfield’s Typing Pal for $19.95.

The Book Chook recommends Type for Gold online.

When Should You Teach a Child to Type?

Typing should be a skill like riding a bike – essential! Consider how typing well lets you get your thoughts on paper faster and a number of other benefits. (Like working as a temp through graduate school and making good money!) And, in our tech oriented society, typing sets you up for success.

I think it’s best to wait until kids hands are big enough to reach the keys on the keyboard, probably around 8 or 9 years old. Personally, I took a high school class in typing but I don’t think high schools offer those classes anymore. Do they?

What typing programs do you use?

When did you start with your kids?

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  1. says

    Thanks! I may have to start my daughter. I learned to type during the summer while I was in high school and while at the time, I hated it, now, I’m greatly appreciative I was forced to do it. It has served me well.

  2. Marie says

    We are teaching my 7 year-old who has Dyslexia how to type. She knows what the home row is and where to put her fingers. She is working on learning all the keys. Typing is an invaluable tool for a child with Dyslexia.

  3. says

    Thank you for this post. My brother in law just asked me about keyboarding apps and I had no idea. I’ll pass this on to him (and use for my kids). Keyboarding is going to be more important than cursive these days!

  4. says

    I found a Type to Learn jr. disc at a used store. My kids loved it. Thanks for more ideas. I’ve been thinking about getting them back into practicing.
    My kids are 8, 8, and 10. I’d like to get them more automatic at using the keyboard.


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