Talking Electron Microscope Giveaway

I’m practically an expert on mucus. Not because of my children’s head colds but because of Educational Insights’ Talking Electron Microscope which has taken my mucus knowledge to new levels.

For instance, did you know that nose hair is thicker than hair on your head? And that your nose makes 1 liter of mucus a day? And most of it is eaten by YOU, swallowed down your throat.

I know this because my kids keep playing this talking mucus information over and over again. At the kitchen counter.


The Talking Electron Microscope talks in both learning and quiz mode, giving you options in plants, animals, viruses and bacteria, and “other” with 180 colorful, up-close images. It retails at Educational Insights for $64.99 and makes science pretty up close and personal.

Other fascinating slides of information includes: a cockroach leg, the pill bug, greenbottle fly maggot on beef, the tongue with papillae and taste buds, the human eye, the rose pedal, pollen grains, table salt, and a pine needle.

Plus, you get a friendly new friend named microscope. Who talks to you and tells you cool facts.

Want to win the Talking Electron Microscope? Comment below that you want to win. Winner will be chosen at random. U.S. and Canada only. Contest runs through June 7, 2011. Good luck!

** For an extra entry, “LIKE” Educational Insights on Facebook. Leave a separate comment saying you did.

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  1. says

    sigh…one day you’ll be able to extend giveaways to Australia! (that’s cos you’re so cool, and growing in popularity!)
    Great giveaway, and if I was in the US I’d be waving both arms. 😉

  2. Pierreandre75 says

    My daughter would be so happy if I win this for her. She wanted a microscope for her birthday this june 15. Hope to win.

  3. Kathleen says

    As an itinerant occupational therapist, I would love to share this Talking Electron Microscope with students of all ages/abilities throughout Oregon! What an amazing tool to keep science cool 😀

  4. says

    This is so cool!! Reagan is always wanting to look at each other’s taste buds, loves bugs, and all things fascinatingly gross. Would be amazing to win!

  5. Judy B says

    I grew up with regular microscopes brought home from my dad’s middle school class room. An electron-talking one would have been infinitely cooler.

  6. Suzanne says

    This will make a perfect companion to the Encyclopedia of YUK! Fun and Fascinating this body of ours–even the mucus and poop! :)

  7. LynnK says

    Wow – my 10-year-old daughter would love this. She’s dyslexic and reading is hard, but listening and learning captivates her. Fingers crossed!

  8. Dawna says

    This is so great. What perfect timing. I was looking for the perfect gift for my son who loves science but isn’t quite young enough to entrust with a full-size real microscope.

  9. says

    Well this appears to be a popular one – but wow, neat giveaway. Of course I already like Imagination Soup and second liked Educational Insights (I get good links from you!)

  10. Jessi G says

    This is a neat toy! It’s great to see an educational toy that even parent can learn something from! I hope I’m not too late to be entered! My daughter would enjoy this! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Patricia E says

    How neat. I actually love science and this would help me share that love for it with my girls.

  12. Amy G says

    This would be perfect for my third grade classroom. With budgets being cut all over the place, there’s no money for anything, and science supplies always get pushed to the bottom. I would love to win. And I LIKE EI on FB.
    Amy G.

  13. Debra Getsinger says

    Talking Electron Microscope would be a fantastic item in the Science Center.
    My fingers are crossed!!!!!

  14. Vanessa says

    I would love to win…my kids even more!
    It sounds like a fun learning thing to have around.


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