Sparkle Stories Remind Me Of Old-Time Radio Shows

Storytellers, David and Lisabeth Sewell McCann, captivated me immediately with their original, audio-only, Sparkle Stories.Sparkle Stories

I love listening to stories. In fact, I grew up listening to old-time radio shows on public radio — have you ever heard one? My family and I would gather around the radio and listen to The Shadow or Fibber McGee and Molly, my favorite. (Remember Fibber’s closet?) It’s probably before your time — it was before mine, too but we had that station . . . good memories.

Sparkle Stories

In a similar way, Sparkle Stories are continuing (serial) stories meant to entertain and inspire children ages 3 – 10 with these three story lines —

Sparkle Stories

Listen to a sample of Junkyard Tales.

Sparkle Stories

Listen to a sample of So Many Fairies.

Sparkle Stories

Listen to a sample of Martin and Sylvia.

Also, each Saturday is a Saturday Sparkle time with a mixture of stories, songs, poetry, and games. And, Sparkle Stories offer other stories for loss and grief, courage, magic, and helping others.


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  1. Summer says

    I LOVE the old-time radios shows. I’m glad the concept is still going strong. Auditory processing is lacking in many children and this would be a fun way to build this skill.

  2. says

    We love audio books & stories! Just this morning, my son found a radio station that was featuring live stories and he was riveted!

  3. Jennifer says

    Awesome!!! I’m always on the lookout for audio stories as we have a, “no-movie car” as my daughter puts it. This trip to Grandma & Grampa’s we listened to ‘The Witches’ to pass the 5 hour drive. It’s so nice when a great story and brilliant storytelling take you to another world! And even better when shared with a child!

  4. Patricia says

    I would love to win this subscription. I teach students with mod to severe disabilities and they love to listen to audio books. They would love this opportunity.


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