UKloo Sight Word Treasure Hunt Game

Doreen Dotto invented the perfect sight word game for kids who are learning to read (like my JJ) called UKloo. Maybe it will be perfect for you, too. It’s pronounced you-clue and will send your beginning reader on an exciting treasure hunt adventure.

Sight Word Game

sight word game

Hunting for whatever treasures you choose will get your resistant reader reading because she or he must read the clues. Or even get your not-resistant reader reading. It will get any child reading, how’s that? Without even realizing it!

And, for prizes? We try to give each other the weirdest treasures possible, it’s totally hilarious. Recent treasures included: an empty box of cereal, a half-used lip balm, a gum wrapper.

Treasures: setting the bar low. :)

I like the directions on the cards which come in three colors which signify three levels of difficulty. Yellow =  level 1. Blue = level 2. Pink = level 3. A colorful poster matches the written clues with pictures for reading help.

Dotto said, “The game was conceived when I was challenged by my son who in grade two, refused to do his reading homework. He always loved being read to, but, when it came time for him to learn to read, he would literally hide. I knew I had to get creative and decided to turn the tables and hide the reading!…in very short order he was laughing, learning and embracing the idea of reading as a fun activity. I am very happy to say that my son is now at the University of Guelph, studying…..Surprise….ENGLISH!

JJ started with the yellow cards and a few pink cards.

We took turns putting the cards out in order, for the other person to find.

sight word game

JJ and I think this game addicting — it’s so fun!!

And, she’s practicing reading sight words!!!

Hooray for UKloo!

I know this game will be a great addition to your game collection, don’t you think? Great for your summer reading!

Learn more. Watch a short YouTube clip of a child playing uKloo. Then buy the UKloo game.

uKloo Game Giveaway

Comment below to be entered to win uKloo. For U.S. and Canada residents. Winners will be chosen at random. Contest ends May 29, 2011.

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  1. Rebekah says

    What a fantastic way to motivate the kids to practice reading. Much better than those banal basal readers. Very “Montessori-ish”

  2. Corrin says

    What a wonderful idea! My son would love it. He is so competitive so he would definetly get into it.

  3. says

    Love it! I used to make homemade notes like that or treasure hunts when I was homeschooling and teaching my daughter how to read. But it was very time-consuming. These cards would make it so much easier! My niece could use them now!

  4. Laurie says

    Brilliant idea! Would love to have the game- now if she could create a game that makes cleaning their rooms equally as fun with their NOT knowing that they are actually cleaning!

  5. says

    Yup, sounds just about right for my daughter, too! I also think it would be a great way to motivate the kids to get up, moving and reading in the morning.

  6. Suzanne says

    Great idea we can make some clue cards together and as the reading skill goes up the clues go up. I’m eager to introduce riddles.

  7. Shelley says

    “We’re going on a hunt” is one of our favorite songs/games to play (a follow the leader type game with singing and treasures). Adding a reading aspect in for my 4 year old would be ideal.

  8. Nelson says

    My 5 year old son would love to play this. It is exactly what we need to get him reading. Great idea!

  9. Brianna says

    An awesome teaching tool for my oldest boy. Wow how time flies while teaching a little one..espically while having fun!-)
    Thankyou for giving us the opportunity to win it!


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