RIF Helps Low Income Families Without Books

Do you remember Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) when you were in school? Tables filled end to end with chapter books and picture books. And you got to pick one out for your very own?

I fondly remember RIF days. They were so awesome.

RIF’s goal is to reach families without any books.

Nearly two-thirds of low-income families own no books. RIF provides 15 million free books every year to children who need them most. They do so in variety of settings including schools, community centers, Boys & Girls Clubs, migrant communities, churches, hospitals, and health clinics. Research shows that giving access to print materials (books) improves students literacy skills. But, on March 2, 2011 President Obama signed a bill that eliminated funding for RIF.

How to Advocate For RIF and Literacy

1. “My best piece of advice,” shares RIF’s Dr. Judy Cheatham, “is to go back home and find the most famous person you know, bring everybody you know – the preachers, bankers, get outside your comfort zone, go en masse and suggest in a nice way that they give you PSAs.  We don’t have a literacy lion who will stand up and say oh, my goodness no – nobody pays attention to the English teachers of the world.”

2. Macy’s will donate $5 for every free Mother’s Day card you send.  Fan Macy’s on Facebook so you can make a Mother’s Day Card and give $5 to RIF!

3. Two places that have information about helping RIF with funds are on RIF’s website and Rasco From RIF’s website.


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