Found Poetry with Recycled Magazines

Reuse your old magazines and create found poetry from the words you find on the pages. Found poetry means you’re first going on a treasure hunt for wonderful words and phrases. Then, you can use those words and phrases to write a poem. In this case, it’s collaging together the words you’ve discovered in a new, poetic way.

Found Poetry

1. Get your old magazines out of your recycling bin.

Found Poetry Writing

2. Cut out favorite words and phrases with the intention to use them later in a poem. Cutting is so good for younger children who are still practicing fine motor skills!

Found Poetry Writing

3. Play with the words. Try different arrangements. When you find an arrangement you like, you’ve created a found poem. Found poems can also use newspaper, old books, letters, grocery lists, or packages. 

Found Poetry

5. YOUNGER CHILDREN: Color sort the words if you’re not yet a reader. We used the back of cereal box to sort our words into blue and red.

Found Poetry

You’ll have so much creative fun as you explore found poetry!

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“All writing is in fact cut ups. A collage of words read heard overhead. What else?”
— William Burroughs



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