Press Here is a Magical Experience

Press Here by Herve Tullet is the most original, interactive, and imaginative picture books I’ve ever experienced. Yes, experienced! Because you, the reader, make magic with the dots.

Or are the dots magic?

If you follow the directions and . . .







. . . watch what happens to the dots!

Rub the  yellow dot and it turns blue!

Shake the book and the dots spread out over the page.

Tilt the book and the dots slide down the page.

Clap and the dots grow. Clap twice and the dots grow even bigger.

Like me, you want fun, interactive books your children will love and read over and over. Press Here is that book – and honestly, one of the most creative picture books I’ve ever seen in my life. Brilliant! It’s absolutely a must-own book.

Press Here

Consider how many learning activities you could do with this book. You could create your own Press Here book with blank paper and colored pencils. Or you could print this template of Press Here book. Another idea I’m wanting to try is using sticky notes to make a flip book – perfect for dots, don’t you think?

The author, Herve Tullet, of Press Here is known as “The Prince of Preschool” in France. He’s been an art director, an illustrator for magazines and now creates children’s books.


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