Kids Learn About Will & Kate: A Love Story

Today is the day!! Don’t you love love stories? Today most of the world will be joining me in wishing Prince William and Kate Middleton a happy life as they marry in royal style.

A fun way to introduce the Prince William and Kate story is the fantastic, kid-friendly, interactive eBook for iPad titled Will & Kate: A Love Story.

It is my kids’ favorite eBook of all time – and, mine, too. When we first got it, JJ (6 years old) read it over and over again. And, AJ (9 years old) read it to herself and thought all of the fun things you could do and press were excellent.


  • Catherine as a child with her sheep in the country-side with baaing sheep. Catherine and one sheep are cartoons while the background is a beautiful photograph of green grass and grazing sheep.
  • Paperdoll page – you can put Kate in different wedding dresses.

  • William growing up – press William and he changes from a small boy to a teenager to an adult.
  • Honeymoon – pick one where you want them to go on the Honeymoon – Honolulu, Paris or Rome – and it will change the postcard photo.

You MUST add this to your iPad collection and read it today! Preview the app on InkRobin.comBuy the app on iTunes for $3.99. You’ll love it.



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