Juno’s Full Orchestra, Stories and Characters

I’m a huge believer in music education and appreciation for children which is why I’m so excited to tell you all about Juno because we’re LOVING it at our house. I don’t know of another company like it. It’s beautiful, originally composed music, plus engaging stories and lovable characters. It’s great for kids under five. (Although JJ still love it at age six.)


To me, the songs sound more like Broadway musicals than a kid songs. (Thank you!) All the music is originally composed by Belinda Takahashi, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, and is performed by an orchestra – not a synthesizer. The orchestra sound helps children begin to identify different musical instruments and appreciate their unique sounds.

Cast of characters

Juno is an adorable pigtail girl who conducts, plays piano and does anything musical. She loves her baby brother, Rai Rai. Her friends include Bunny, Buzz, Indie and Murphy. JJ plays with her stuffed Juno and Bunny dolls (see above) but she would love Rai Rai – who she knows from the movies and thinks is super cute.


The website says, “Juno Baby addresses overcoming childhood fears, the importance of friendship, problem solving skills, and creating music from things found in the world around you.”

The website says, “Juno is a six-year-old girl with a passion for music. While practicing the piano in her bedroom, Juno and her two-year-old brother, Rai Rai, are transported to the imaginary, magical, musical world of Harmonia Springs. Trees are made of cellos, cars are shaped like bass clefs and lamp posts like French horns, street signs flash “Waltz” and the train that takes them on their journey is made up entirely of musical instruments.”

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for Juno Baby and

for Juno Junior (Preschool Age)


Juno’s Piano App

Dolls and Clothing

Dolls – Juno, Bunny and Indie

When you purchase a Juno Company products for your child, Juno donates a very special DVD to an underpriviledged child in their One For All program ®.  Buy one; Give one.

More fun: Watch these cute Juno videos on You Tube!

(P.S. I got sent the products for free (thanks, Juno!) but my policy is that I won’t endorse or blog about it unless I really do like it.)


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  1. Terra says

    My daughter absolutely adores Juno and her friends. This is a great product and love the music education she is receiving!

  2. Tamara Sz says

    We have a Juno DVD (The Teddy Bear Hunt) and my son really loves it. THis would be so fun to win for him!

  3. Patricia E says

    We absolutly LOVE Juno at my house! We have the Way To Go, Juno! DVD and my girls can’t get enought of it. I would love to win this prize pack for my girls.

  4. Jessica says

    My little girl is getting a Juno DVD in her Easter basket! I have had a really hard time keeping it from her! Haha. She loves watching the clips on YouTube!

  5. Christine Taylor says

    My 15 month old son LOVES Juno. We watch the dvds or video clips just about every day. They put out a great product. We are already fans of Juno on Facebook, but we just “liked” you today.

  6. Amy G says

    My daughter is 4 weeks old, and I first learned of Juno in the hospital. We just got the Juno Baby cd’s and love them!

  7. Holly says

    I love Juno and juno jr.!!!
    I think all children should be exposed to many types of music.Getting creative and involving music really helps children learn. And My lil girls name is juno…so of course she loves Juno baby!
    This looks like a great prize pack.


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