Flip a Word Colorful Early Reader Books

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Flip a Word Books (*affiliate link) from Blue Apple Books are the most enticing early readers – colorful, bold, and absolutely perfect for learning to read and learning word families.

Early Reader Books

Early Reader Books

I love that each book focuses on three word families. The pages have a bright and bold illustrations matched with one or two words. But, the best part? Many pages have peek-through! Can you tell from these photos?

Early Reader Books

I adore these books.


Early Reader Books

The word families in Pig Wig are “ig,” “ug,” and “at”.

,Early Reader Books

The word families in Stop Popare “op”, “un” and “an”.

Early Reader Books

The word families in Snow Bow are “eet” “ate” and “ow”.

I found these at the library first; bought them all second. And, there are more . . . Snake Cake, Crab Cab, Quack Shack, and Wet Pet. So many fun early readers to help kids learn word families and words.

What do you think?

Don’t you just want to read a Flip a Word early reader book right now!?


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  • http://www.sibleyweb.wordpress.com Laurie

    I’m in love with these, too! Thanks for sharing.

  • Megan

    These books look fantastic! I just requested a few from my library and look forward to checking them out with my little book-lover. Thanks for sharing!

  • Robin

    Bright and beautiful! Wonderful word families for early readers.

  • heather speaks

    these are adorable…

  • donna chong

    awesome looking little books..would be a lot of fun for the new reader

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  • http://www.smalltypes.com Erin @ Small Types

    I didn’t know about these! Thank you! I’ll try these asap with my beginning reader.

  • http://www.brimfulcuriosities.com Janelle

    We checked out Pig Wig from the library. Love the graphic design of the books in this series. Very bold, very eye-catching. Thanks for adding your post to the I Can Read Carnival.