I love Educational Rap Music

Music and learning so totally rock. I mean . . . rap.  Think about how many songs you can sing by heart, even those terrible songs from the 80s you really don’t want to admit that you know so well!

Anyway, Educational Rap is like Schoolhouse Rock only, dare I say, . . better.

I love Schoolhouse Rock. Just so you know. Quiz me, I know all the words to all the songs.  But, I digress.

Rhythm, Rhyme, Results creates and produces Educational Rap music for teachers and students. Watch student and teacher videos on YouTube Page and their Blog.

Click on the albums below to listen to the songs, and see for yourself. They rap the house!! (Can I say that even though I just made that up?)


Elementary math concepts — fractions to complex algebra and trigonometry.


Science from elementary school, middle school and high school, ranging from earth science and planets to biology and chemistry.

Science Songs:

  1. Layers of the Earth teaches the earth science and geology concepts of the four layers of the earth. Students will learn about the inner core, outer core, mantle, and crust, as well as the earth’s interaction with the atmosphere.
  2. Radiation, Conduction, Convection will help you teach students about heat transfer with lyrics focused on solar radiation, conduction, and convection. Teaching heat conduction and energy transformation will be much easier with this song as a part of your lesson plan!
  3. Sun, Earth, Moon introduces students to concepts such as earth’s rotati

    Science by educationalrap

Language Arts and Social Studies albums also available.


Educational Rap is giving away 1 Math album & 1 Science album.

Comment below to win. Tell me which album you’d like to win, either the science or math album. Giveaway will end December 6, 2010.  Good luck!

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  1. Suzanne says

    This is just a good reminder that kids can learn so well when information is set to music. Rap is not evil it’s just different. Fun stuff

  2. Judy Spier says

    I teach adult education, and I find many of my students struggle with math. if a song can help them understand and remember a concept, that is super!! I would love the math album, but would take the science in a pinch! thanks!!

  3. Ashley Holmberg says

    What a great way to teaching kids about science! As a new subscriber, I will share this with our science specialist!


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